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The proceedings of this meeting will be published Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (ASPCS) and edited by Josep Martí, Pedro L. Luque-Escamilla and Jorge A. Combi. Participants are invited to visit the ASPCS authors'information link where all the necessary instructions, template and macros are available.

It is very important that you do not forget to fill and sign your copyright form at the registration desk of the conference. In case you are using figures, or other materials, whose copyright is not holded by you, you are asked to provide the Editor with the corresponding permission to use form signed by the Copyright Holder granting the permission.

Submission of your contribution should be as an attachement to the conference e-mail.  Please contact us if the size of your files is more suitable for ftp transmission. In order to facilitate the Editors task, please name your files according to: author_name.tex, author_name_fig1.ps, author_name_fig2.ps, etc.

Please have in mind that color figures will appear in black and white in the ASPCS printed version of the proceedings.

The number of pages for each contribution has been recently decided and is given in the following table:

Invited Review
 12 pages
Invited Oral Contribution
 10 pages
Oral Contribution
  8 pages
Poster Contribution
  6 pages

The deadline for the submission of your conference paper has been recently extended to1st June 2009. Please do submit your contribution as soon as possible so that Editors are able to honor the publication contract with ASPCS in due time!!!