Seminar on Conversion / Zero-Derivation


     May 12th 2002                                                                                                                             Funded in part by


     at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences                                                              Consejería de Educación y Ciencia


     Budapest                                                                                                                                      Junta de Andalucía            


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                             Prof. Laurie Bauer                                                                Dr. Salvador Valera


                     Victoria University of Wellington                                                         University of Jaén       


The closing of the Tenth International Morphology Meeting will be followed by a series of lectures on the issue of conversion / zero-derivation. This one-day conference will consist of eight lectures by some of the most renowned researchers in the field of English word-formation and by authors of papers on conversion recently published in prestigious journals.


After a few years with very little work on the subject, conversion or zero-derivation has again become a prominent matter of debate. Building on the fundamental work by scholars such as Biese, Kastovsky, Pennanen and Kiparsky in earlier years, a number of linguists have made significant contributions to our knowledge of this subject in the past decade. Not only is the data from conversion being used to support various linguistic theories, but conversion is also being integrated into modern theories of word-formation.


The International Morphology Meeting offers a unique opportunity to organize a seminar where some experts in this field can share their knowledge with an interested audience. The list of speakers also includes some of the leading voices in the field of English morphology and word-formation. We hope that the papers will be published as a set of proceedings, so if you cannot attend the conference but are interested in what the speakers have to say, bookmark this website for further information on that publication.

When and where?

The schedule can be seen clicking on the link above. The same facilities that will host the International Morphology Meeting have been made available most kindly by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Both the Morphology Meeting and the Seminar on Conversion will take place in Szentendre (Hotel Danubius 2000. Szentendre, Ady Endre út 28).

Please note that, although a modest participation fee was announced, no fee will be charged.


Want to know more?

For further information just send an e-mail to Laurie Bauer and Salvador Valera at 



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