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Molecular basis of primary microcephaly (MCPH).

Contribution of MCPH genes to chromosome division and cell cycle progression.




Primary microcephaly (MCPH) is a rare congenital disorder characterized by a pronounced reduction of brain size and mental retardation. Mutations in MCPH1, one of the genes involved in this syndrome, alter the processes of chromosome condensation and biorientation during mitosis in all cell types. Recent data highlight the importance of MCPH1 also for the functionality of G2/M cell cycle checkpoints. Our research aims to investigate the contribution of MCPH1 and related factors for coupling chromosome division and cell cycle progression. These investigations will add new insights about the importance of this crosstalk in the context of human neurogenesis.


Principal Investigator:



Juan Alberto Marchal Ortega

Profesor Titular de Universidad / Associate Professor

Despacho: Edificio B3-304

Teléfono: +34-953-213361


Researcher ID: K-7963-2012




Antonio Sánchez Baca




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