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Cell, molecular and immunological research in celiac disease



Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition triggered by the ingestion of gluten, the protein fraction of wheat, barley and rye. It is not simply an intestinal disease; it is multifactorial caused by many different genetic factors acting together with non-genetic causes. Similar to other autoimmune diseases, celiac disease is a polygenic disorder for which the major histocompatibility complex locus is the most important genetic factor, and is the result of an immune response to self-antigens leading to tissue destruction and the autoantibodies production. Celiac disease exemplifies how an illness can have autoimmune-like features having to be drive by exogenous antigen and how can be reasonably consider as a model of organ-specific autoimmunity.


Principal Investigator:



María Isabel Torres López


Despacho: Edificio B3-361

Teléfono: +34-953-212762


Researcher ID: G-8789-2015




Teresa Palomeque Messía

Pedro Lorite Martínez

Candelaria Ponce de León Collado


Research interest:


(1) In vitro evaluation the immunotoxic ability of the peptidic fragments derived from gluten. The celiac immunotoxic potential of alfa-gliadins
(2) The role of tolerance molecules and immune checkpoints in celiac disease





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 Book chapters 


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