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The presentation

The migration phenomenon is such far and unknown as the proper history of the humans and social society where the educational and working implications create the necessity of the spaces. The mutual leaving between cultures make easier the social and educational process closer to the reality of our days.

The countries that are situated far from each other in the world become closer due to the New Technologies and new forms of communication. The educational systems make the digital platforms for girls and boys and show them that the differences between them and their cultures make the life more interesting.

Taking into consideration all the mentioned above the University and the organization ONGS have the important responsibility focused on the mutual collaboration in the field of formation supervised by the professionals of education that can unite the methodological, scientific experience and everyday practice.

ACCEM is the charity organization that pays a lot of attention to the suffered immigrants from the year 1991. The mentioned organization fights for the equal rights of all persons independently of their origin, political ideas, sex and social group. ACCEM develops the projects and programs that answer the necessity to pay attention to the most vulnerable persons: not accompanied children, woman and ethnical minorities.

The investigation group IDEO of the University of Jaen this year organizes the sixth working hours of diagnosis and orientation celebrating as well the first International working hours together with ACCEM.

The aims:

  • To create the space of the mutual leaving between the students and professionals of the Intercultural education in different educational spaces.
  • To reflect the everyday pedagogical practice and to offer the rules for appropriate multicultural contexts.
  • To detect the facts that play the important role in the new technologies of information and communication that make the different cultures closer.
  • To present the current and actual contributions in the field of investigation by the experts of the field.
  • To develop the initiatives that will contribute to the social integration of the groups with poor cultural protection.