Proyecto Qubbet el-Hawa

Gersande Y. F. Eschenbrenner-Diemer (Egiptóloga)

Education and training
Since November 2016: Project TRACER (Institute of Archaeology, UCL) Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, European Grant.
2013: PhD in Egyptology, University Lyon 2 (France) in collaboration with the Research and Restoration Center of French Museum (C2RMF, Paris) entitled: Egyptian Wooden Models. Materials, manufacturing, spread, from the End of the Old Kingdom to the End of the Middle Kingdom (circ. 2350-1630 BC), co-directed by Mrs. Laure Pantalacci and Mrs. Victoria Asensi Amoros, defended December, 20 2013 with highest honours.
2004-2008: Specialized Studies in Egyptology (DUESE), University Lyon 2 (4-year degree).
Archeological research and excavations
Since 2018: Deir el-Medina Excavations (Luxor): study of the wooden material.
Since 2016: Qubbet el-Hawa Excavations (Aswan): study of the wooden material.
Since 2015: Islamic site of Fustat Istabl'Antar, Egypt, under Roland-Pierre Gayrauddirection (IFAO-LAMM Provence University), in collaboration with V. AsensiAmoros and J. Auberde Lapierre: inventory of wood fragments discovered in Fustat for the publication of a catalog (IFAOpublishing).
2009-2014: antiquity site of Coptos, Egypt, under Laure Pantalacci's direction : pottery drawing, inscribed blocks identification, recording and drawing, shelly limestone epigraphy, archaeological photography.
November 2010: archaeological mission granted by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities in El-Hawawish Necropolis, Sohag, Middle Egypt: study and identification of woodencoffins.
2000-2010: various archaeological excavations in France.
Study and expert assessment on wooden egyptian material
Louvre Abu Dhabi: expert assessment of one wooden model boat: identification of theorigins and the dating.
Swiss archaeological mission in Saqqara: consulting for the identification of wooden models isolated elements discovered in the Pyramid of Queen Neit (VIth dynasty).
Louvain-la-Neuve Museum (Belgium), MuCEM, Marseille (France): consulting for the identification of wooden models isolated elements and complete object.
Tessé Museum, Le Mans (France): expert assessment of two wooden models: identification of theorigins and the dating.
Louvre Museum, Paris (France): intervention as specialist for the reassembly and the restoration ofthe models boats and study of the collection, Louvre museum, Paris.
Study of wood collections: Petrie Museum (2016-2017); British Museum (coffins 2017); MuseoEgizio Torino (2010); Egyptian museum Cairo (2009-2010); British Museum London(2009); MFA Lyon (2009); MFA Limoges (2009); Ethnographic museum Neuchātel (2008): Identification of the origins and the dating of the collection of the wooden models (complete objectsand isolated elements).