Project Coordinator

Jesús López-Peláez Casellas, PhD

Jesus lopez pelaezDr. Jesús López-Peláez Casellas (b. 1967) is Associate Professor (with Tenure) at the Universidad de Jaén, where he currently teaches a survey course on English literature until 1660 (undergraduate), English drama (undergraduate & postgraduate levels), and popular culture (postgraduate). He obtained his PhD from the Universidad de Granada, with a thesis on Shakespeare and Calderón, in 1995, and has also taught at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and the University of Southern Mississippi, and has been visiting scholar at Arizona State University, Michigan State University and Penn State University. Dr López-Peláez has supervised four PhD and 6 MA dissertations, and coordinates student exchanges with four European and US universities. He has published articles and books on English early modern drama and contemporary fiction in Studies in Philology, Interlitteraria, Studia Neophilologica, ATLANTIS, Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, Recherches anglaises et nord américaines or The Grove. He is the author of ‘Honourable Murderers': El concepto del honor en Othello, de W. Shakespeare y los ‘dramas de honor' de Pedro Calderón (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009). During the summer of 2010 he will be a fellow at the Folger Shakespeare Library (Washington DC).


Yolanda Caballero Aceituno, PhD

yolandaDr. Yolanda Caballero Aceituno is currently a lecturer of the English Department at the Universidad de Jaén, where she teaches English Language and Methodology of Language Teaching, and Literary Texts in English.

Maurizio Calbi, PhD

Dr. Maurizio Calbi is currently a lecturer of the Department of Modern Language at the Università degli Studi di Salerno. He obtained a Master's degree and his PhD from the University of Essex.

His research interests are primarily in the representation of the body and alterity in the literature and culture of the XVII and XVIII centuries, postcolonial and contemporary literature, cultural studies, contemporary rewriting of William Shakespeare, and the works of Caryl Phillips, J.M. Coetzee and Nuruddin Farah.

Eroulla Demetriou, PhD

Demetriou, eroullaDr. Eroulla Demetriou is currently a lecturer of the English Department at the Universidad de Jaén, where she currently teaches English Stylistics, English Literature and Methodology of Language Teaching.

Eroulla Demetriou (Universidad de Jaén y UNED de Jaén) obtuvo su doctorado en Filología Inglesa en la U. de Jaén en septiembre de 2003. Su tesis doctoral se titula The Spanish Match and the Literary Image of Spain and the Spaniards in English Pamphlets (1617-1624). Sus líneas de investigación se centran en la literatura inglesa de principios del siglo XVII (especialmente en teatro, panfletos y poesía) y la Leyenda Negra de España, la literatura de viajes por Chipre desde la ocupación británica de la isla en 1878 hasta la actualidad y la enseñanza de la literatura inglesa en las aulas de secundaria y universidad. Sus publicaciones relacionadas con la literatura inglesa del siglo XVII son las siguientes (por orden cronológico):

John Drakakis, PhD

Drakakis_John.jpgM.A., B.A. (Wales), Ph.D. (Leeds), Dip.Ed. FEA
Dr. John Drakakis was appointed to Stirling in 1970, some three years after the University had opened. Before that he took my B.A. and M.A. at Cardiff, and Dip.Ed at Exeter. He later obtained my Ph.D from Leeds. Since arriving at Stirling he has taught and continues to teach undergraduate courses in Shakespeare, Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama, and Renaissance Literature, and in Critical Theory. He was also one of the founder members of the Department of Film and Media Studies, and was Chair of the committee when it became a full department of the University in 1985. He delivered lectures on Renaissance Drama in a number of countries across the world, and has examined courses and postgraduate dissertations in a number of University English Departments. He has also successfully supervised a number of Ph.D theses in Renaissance Literature, Modern Drama and Critical Theory.
His research interests are primarily in seventeenth-century textual bibliography, Shakespeare, Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, Renaissance literature, critical theory, and modern drama and media and cultural studies.

Luciano García García, PhD

Garcia_Luciano.jpgDr. Luciano García García is Associate Professor (with Tenure) at the Universidad de Jaén, where he has been teaching different subjects related with English Literature, Comparative Literature (English and Spanish), Translation, and, at the moment, History of the English Language.

His interests are primarily in the didactic aspects mentioned above as well as in the relevance of the problematic issues concerning the construction of identity and the correlation among different identities.

Mª Paz López-Peláez Casellas, PhD

m paz lopez pelaezDr. Mª Paz López-Peláez Casellas is currently a lecturer of the Department of Music Education at the Universidad de Jaén, where she teaches History of Music and Folklore.

Jesús Manuel Nieto García, PhD

Nieto_Jesus.jpgDr. Jesús M. Nieto García has been a lecturer in English language and literature at the English Department in the Faculty of Humanities and Education at Jaén University since 1989. He holds a PhD on English Philology, and has published extensively on English stylistics, drama and theatre, and the teaching of English spoken discourse. Currently he holds the chair of English language and literature at Jaén University, within which he has undertaken several responsibilities connected to new views on English studies within the curriculum -he is general coordinator of MIVCI, the Master's Degree on English as a Means of Intercultural Communication-.

José Ruiz Mas, PhD

Ruiz_Jose.jpgDr. José Ruiz Mas (Universidad de Jaén and C.A. de la UNED de Jaén, Spain) obtained his doctorate at the University of Málaga. He specializes in English travel literature in Spain and in the Mediterranean in general and in Anglo-Spanish, Anglo-Greek and Anglo-Cypriot relations, as well as in the teaching of English literature in the Secondary and University classrooms.

He has given numerous international lectures on travel literature and Anglo-Spanish and Anglo-European literary and cultural relations and published numerous articles in both national and international journals on the aforementioned issues. He has also translated several English literary works into Spanish.

Jüri Talvet, PhD

Talvet_Juri.JPGDr. Jüri Talvet (1945) is since 1992 Chair of Comparative Literature at the University of Tartu. He took his PhD on the Spanish picaresque novel at Leningrad University in 1981. In 1997 he was awarded the Juhan Liiv Prize of Poetry and in 2002 the Ivar Ivask Memorial Prize for poetry and essays. He is the editor and principal author of a manual of world literature for Estonian high schools and universities (Maailmakirjandus, I-II, Tallinn 1995-1999). Since 1994 he is the Chairman of the Estonian Association of Comparative Literature. He has also served as elected member of the ICLA Executive Committee (2000-2007).

Cinta Zunino Garrido, PhD

Zunino_Cinta.jpgDr. Cinta Zunino Garrido is currently a lecturer of the English Department at the Universidad de Jaén, where she teaches English Literature, History of the English Language, and Morphosyntax and Semantics of the English Language.

Research Assistant

Primavera Cuder, MA

Primavera CuderMs. Primavera Cuder is a research assistant of the project "Muslims, Spaniards and Jews in Early Modern English Texts" of the English Department at the Universidad de Jaén.
During the academic year 2008/2009 she attended the Official Master's Degree in "English as a Medium for Intercultural Communication" at the Universidad de Jaén, and submitted the MA Thesis "The Representation of the 'Moor' in Elizabethan and Stuart Drama".
Currently she is working on her doctoral thesis on the topic of the research project "Muslims, Spaniards and Jews in Early Modern English Texts: The Construction of the 'Other'."

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