Abstract submission

The deadline for submitting abstract of any type of presentation is May 20th, 2011.

If you plan to present a talk/poster, prepare your abstract with standard LaTeX by means of the template:


This template uses standard LaTeX and we kindly ask you to use it and not any other format. Please, do not include commands involving page size, font selections, etc. Avoid using your own macros as much as possible.

Compile your abstract and send us both the '.tex' and '.pdf' files through our on-line registration system accessible from the menu of the Conference site or by the link:

If you want to include figures in your abstract, please contact with the organizing committee (see the contact section).

To be included in the scientific program of the conference, you must complete the two steps online registration process.

A book of abstracts will be given to all attendees. We will not prepare Proceedings of the Conference, but all the participants are invited to submit manuscripts (no necessarily about the subject of their talks) to the Jaen Journal on Approximation (please visit the web page of the Journal through the left-hand side menu ). We very much appreciate your eventual submissions. Notice that according to the Conference Fee discounts, you can save some money.