On-line registration

All participants must register. (See fees section).

Two possibilities:

Only Registration: Step 1.
All inclusive conference = Registration + Accommodation: Step 1 + Step 2

Step 1

You can register in three participation modalities:

  • All inclusive way: Embrace our all inclusive package including the accommodation, meals and activities for all the days of the meeting. Indicate this option in STEP 1 and later complete additional information in STEP 2.
  • Only registration: Pay only the registration fees and organize by yourself your accommodation and meals. Then you are only concerned with STEP 1.
  • On-line participation: As you can read in the Online section, you can participate on-line in the conference. Proceed only with STEP 1 for this option.

Also you can opt for three fees modalities: Regular, Collaborator and Benefactor. Find all the information about these three options in the the Fees section.

Fill in the following form with your information and your participation and fees modalities. The fields with background in blue are mandatory. Once registered you will be able to modify or complete your information accessing the On-line registration system using the email and password that you indicate now.

All inclusive way      Only registration      On-line
Regular conference fees      Collaborator conference fees      Benefactor conference fees
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Web site:
Choose a password that you will use from now on, together with your e-mail (as login), to access again to your information.
Password:     Retype your password: (10 characters max.)
Country State:
Include here your comments or remarks with respect to the registration process:
I will presenta a talk .   I will present a poster
Prepare your abstract by means of the LaTeX template: template.tex. Files prepared with a different template will not be admitted. Send us both the tex and the pdf file:

Mark if you need an invitation letter:

Send your information and register by means of the following button:

or continue now with STEP 2 if you want to participate in the all inclusive modality. You can also complete STEP 2 later accessing to the On-line registration system with the email and password that you selected above.

The registration fees must be paid by bank money order or, with an extra charge, at the registration desk once in Úbeda. Find the complete information about how to pay and the payments deadlines inside the Accommodation Fees section.

Proceed with Step 2, now or later, for Accommodation.

Step 2 (All inclusive conference)

As every year we offer our 'All inclusive conference' modality including all expenses for accommodation, meals, activities and visits along the meeting. For this purpose we have booked rooms in four of the best hotels of Úbeda placed in the heart of the old city area: Hotel El Postigo, Hotel María de Molina, Palacio de la Rambla, Parador de Úbeda or Hotel MS Palacio de Úbeda. Thanks to our special and long relation with these hotels we can prepare this all inclusive package at a specially reduced price with the idea that most of the participants can share and enjoy both the charming location of these hotels and our full of activities program.
You can find the prices of the all inclusive package in every hotel in the accommodation section. The contact information for each hotel is available at the contact section.

In order to embrace the all inclusive modality, please, indicate it in the form above (STEP 1, Participation modality) and tell us also about your preferred hotel and what kind of room you need:

Hotel/type of room selection

Select your preferred hotel:

El Postigo      María de Molina      Palacio de la Rambla      Parador de Úbeda      HS Palacio de Úbeda     

Insert here any additional comments regarding the hotel selection:

Indicate the type of room:

Single room
Shared room with another participant,   indicate the name
Double room with accompanying person

Insert any other comments about the room type:

Mark if you want to clear this form:

Only for the participants in the all-inclusive modality, we will be able to obtain reductions for supporting the Jaen Journal on Approximation:

  • If you supported the Jaen Journal on Approximation as author or referee, please, indicate it in our on-line registration system and obtain special treatment, including the possibility of 50% off for your accompanying people.

If you supported it, let us know it by mean of the following form.

Reductions information

Groups with reduction:

I was a Jaen Journal on Approximation referee: ,
                                        editor who submitted you the paper: ,
I already published a paper in the Jaen Journal on Approximation:

Type of reduction:

Reduction for accompanying persons

Insert any other comments about the type of reduction:

Mark if you want to clear this form:

We will study your case and we will communicate your reduction to your hotel and in the online registration system.

Send your information and register by means of the following button:

Print, fill in and send to Hotel El Postigo, Hotel María de Molina, Palacio de la Rambla, Parador de Úbeda or Hotel MS Palacio de Úbeda the corresponding Accomodation/Payment form:


Hotel reservation must be done by payment of € 150 to Hotel El Postigo, Hotel María de Molina, Palacio de la Rambla, Parador de Úbeda or Hotel MS Palacio de Úbeda.

The rest of B) should be paid to the Hotel before June 29th.

If you decide to pay B) later or once in Úbeda at the registration desk in cash or by credit card, the price will be increased in € 50 per participant.

After receipt of this form and the payment, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation.

Your hotel will prepare an invoice ('room and meals') for the total quantity. Extras, as car parking, mini bar, laundry, phone, ... are not included, and they must be paid in your hotel.

Our intention is that most of participants do not need the registration desk. In this way, if you chose all-inclusive conference and you pay accommodation and local expenses ( B) ) (before June 29th) and conference fees ( A) ), you can go directly to your hotel where you will find in your room the abstracts book, the program, detailed information, invoices, material, etc.

You will find instructions about how to pay this money in the Accomodation/Payment forms above.

In order we will be able to include you in the scientific program, you have to pay A)-Registration or B)-Accommodation-reservation before June 29th.

You will be able to check the confirmation of your hotel reservation and your registration by mean of our on-line registration system. To access to your information you will have to use the email address and the password that you have introduced in the on-line form above. You can access the on-line registration system at any moment from the menu of the Conference.

Read a detailed explanation of the fees and discounts of the IX Jaen Conference at the fee section.