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Jaen J. Approx. Volume 4, Number 1
December 28, 2012

Volume 4, Number 1, December 28, 2011
5 papers with average time from

reception to acceptance in revised form: 143 days
acceptance to publication: 324 days

Pages: 1-83
1.000 printed copies

Cover: designed by Gráficas La Paz, based on José Madrid's olive oil picture and a picture of Santa Maria fountain and Cathedral, Baeza

Information about inside pictures

8M, 9M Fighting bull, Sierra de Andújar by Rafael Delgado
10M, 11M Baños de la Encina castle by J. Lucas Ruiz
11M Castle of Baños de la Encina by José Latova
12M Oak, Sierra de Andújar by Jose Luis Castillo
13M Jandula river and Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza by Aquilino Duque
14M Jandula river, Lugar Nuevo, Sierra de Andújar by Rafael Delgado
15M Vulture by José Luis Castillo
15M Zarzero comun (Hippolais Polyglotta) by José Luis Castillo
15M Trepador azul (Sitta europaea) by José Luis Castillo 16M Martin pescador (Kingfisher) (Alcedo Atthis) by Aquilino Duque
17M Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andújar
18M Deers, Sierra de Andújar
19M Ovis musimon, Sierra de Andújar
20M Romeria Virgen de la Cabeza, Andújar by J. Lucas Ruiz
21M Romeria Virgen de la Cabeza, Sierra de Andújar
22M Food by J. Lucas Ruiz
23M Encinarejo reservoir, Sierra de Andújar by Aquilino Duque
Back cover: Wolf, Sierra de Andújar by Aquilino Duque

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