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Jaen J. Approx. Volume 4, Number 2
December 28, 2012

Volume 4, Number 2, December 28, 2011
5 papers with average time from

reception to acceptance in revised form: 112 days
acceptance to publication: 106 days

Pages: 85-170
1.000 printed copies

Cover: designed by Graficas La Paz, based on Jose Madrid’s olive oil picture and on Pepe Garrido ”Tiznajo”’s picture (detail of Sacra Capilla de El Salvador, Úbeda)

Information about inside pictures:

2M, 3M Cathedral of Jaén by Nano Cañas
4M Cathedral of Jaén by José A. Sanguinetti
5M Cathedral of Jaén by Rolf Mohring
6M Cathedral of Jaéen by José Latova
7M Cathedral of Jaén by José A. Sanguinetti
8M, 9M Palace of Villardompardo, Jaén by Nano Ca˜nas
10M, 11M, 12M Iberian sculptures
13M Castle of Santa Catalina, Torre de la Vela, Jaén by J. Lucas Ruiz
14M, 15M Castle of Santa Catalina, Jaén by Bernardo Jurado
16M, 17M Vázquez de Molina square, Úbeda by Rafa Perez Sanchez
18M Auditorium, Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda
19M Casa de las Torres, plateresque facade, Úbeda by José A. Sanguinetti
20M, 21 M Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda
22M Sacra Capilla de El Salvador, detail, Úbeda by Pepe Garrido ”Tiznajo”
22M Church of San Pablo, Úbeda, José Lucas Ruiz
23M Palacio de las Cadenas, Town Hall, Úbeda by José Latova
23M Santa Maria de los Reales Alcazares, Úbeda by José Latova
24M Tower, Palace of Condes de Guadiana, Úbeda by José Lucas Ruiz
24M Sacra Capilla de El Salvador, door of Epistola, Úbeda by José Lucas Ruiz
Back cover: Anchuricas reservoir. Natural Park ”Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas” by Alonso Torren

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