The Department of Physical and Sports Activities (SAFYD),  in cooperation with the Vicerrectorate of Internationalization of the University of Jaen, wishes to integrate incoming international students to its academic activities related to a variety of sports, including Volleyball, Basketball, Karate, Soccer, Track & Field and Futsal. Select students are to be incorporated into teams related to said sports as international sportsmen/sportswomen under the supervision and guidance of SAFYD teachers. The Grant for Outstanding Sportsmen/Sportswomen will benefit both the Spanish sportsmen/sportswomen, who thus will have the opportunity to talk and interact with athletes from different countries, and international candidate students, who will become acquainted with the teaching-learning environment and practices of a Spanish university sports facility.
The duration of the grant is for one or two semesters with an assistance of 1,800 euros for the whole stay (approx. 2,000 US dollars). A maximum number of one student per partner institution is eligible to receive the grant in 2016 (Spring semester 2015/2016 and/or Fall semester 2016/2017). The selection of the applicants should be based on our mutually established selection criteria and involve outstanding sportsmen/women who may or may not be currently playing varsity sports at your institution. Upon selection, the student is to join the related sports team at the UJA. In order to initiate the selection process, the student is expected to follow the standard application procedure at the University of Jaén according to our bilateral agreement.