Cursos de verano en el extranjero


  1. [China] International Summer School - Hong Kong Polytechnic University, June or August 2017
  2. [Colombia] International Summer School - Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), Junio - Agosto 2017
  3. [Colombia] Summer Course Transitional Justice and the Colombian Post-Conflict - Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), 4th July - 14th July 2017
  4. [Czech Republic] Summer Program: Challenged Union: Making Sense of the Troublemakers (Academic Program- Prague (Czech Republic)15th July - 25th July
  5. [Czech Republic] 15th annual European Summer School in Prague​: an intensive 10-day learning programme focused on issues related to various aspects of European integration - Prague (Czech Republic), 15th - 25th July 2017
  6. [Czech Republic] Summer University Prague 2017: "Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty” - Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), 9th - 23rd September 2017 
  7. [Czech Republic] Prague Summer School of Journalism at Charles University - Prague (Czech Republic), 27th August - 10th September 2017
  8. [Estonia] The University of Tartu welcomes you to International Summer University. All their summer programmes are based on MA curricula in English - Estonia, July or August 2017 (depending on chosen programme)
  9. [France] Summer Schools | University of Angers (France), June - July 2017
  10. [France] Tourism Summer School - University of Angers (France), 26th June - 7th July 2017
  11. [France] UPEC Summer school 2017 [Application procedure here] - Créteil (France), 3 - 13 July 2017
  12. [France] 1st summer workshop of the college of Cluny - Cluny (France) - french version, 5th - 11th July 2017
  13. [Germany] 3rd Summer School – Greifswald Summer at University of Greifswald (Germany) 31st July – 6th October
  14. [Germany] 45th International Summer School - Trier University, (Germany), August 7th- September 1st, 2017
  15. [Indonesia] Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia, would like to invite students to participate in the Community and Technological Camp (CommTECH) Highlight 2017 - Surabaya (Indonesia), 12th - 25th July 2017
  16. [Italy] Sardinia Summer School "The Future of Human Rights in Europe" - University of Sassari (Nuoro, Italy), 17th - 22nd July 2017
  17. [Italy] Summer School on "Foundations of European contractual Law / FECL” (Registration Form) - University of Sassari (Nuoro, Italy), 17th - 23rd July 2017
  18. [Italy] Bologna University Greek and Latin Summer School - Bologna (Italy), 19th June - 7th July 2017
  19. [Italy] Mediterannea University International Summer School on Consumer Law - Reggio Calabria (Italy), 22nd - 24th June 2017
  20. [Italy] UniTrento International Summer School on Global Challenges: Trento (Italy), 2nd - 15th July 2017
  21. [Italy] First Summer School on “Sustainability and Life Cycle Thinking - The integration of economic, environmental and social issues for the design of sustainable urban systems” - University of Messina (Italy), 3rd - 7th July 2017 
  22. [Italy] Italian Summer Language Courses, designed for all the students nominated for an Erasmus+ stay in Italy - University of Cagliari (Italy), July or September 2017
  23. [Korea] Konkuk University in Korea is arranging KU International Summer Program (ISP), an exciting opportunity to learn Korean history, culture, language and business - Konkuk University (Korea), July 2017
  24. [Korea] Korean K-pop Programme in Sejong University - Seoul (Korea), July 2017
  25. [Korea] Inha Summer School : Online Application Now Open. Discount available for 2017 INHA SUMMER SCHOOL - Incheon (Korea), 17th July - 4th August 2017
  26. [Korea] Chung-Ang University (CAU), Korea, offers an International Summer Program - a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korea, where courses are coupled with cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Korea’s Culture and Society - (Korea), 30th July - 19th August 2017
  27. [Latvia] Riga Technical University (RTU) would like to inform you about our upcoming Summer Schools taking place in Latvia in August 2017. See aplication form here - Riga (Latvia), June / August 2017 (depending on chosen programme)
  28. [Mexico] Verano de Prácticas de Psicología Clínica y de la Salud - Monterrey (Mexico), 3rd July - 24th September 2017
  29. [Poland] Polcamp Programme. International Education - Vincent Pol University (Lublin)
  30. [Portugal] The Language School of the School of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP) has the pleasure to announce the fourth edition of the Portuguese Intensive Language Course (PILC), that is perfectly designed to all students coming to Portugal, namely Erasmus - Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), 28th August - 8th September 2017
  31. [Portugal] 4SPIC 2017 - Aveiro Summer 2017 Portuguese Intensive Courses - Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), August 28 - September 15, 2017
  32. [Portugal] IP Santarém Summer Course - Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (Portugal), 4th to 14th September, 2017
  33. [Slovenia] 18th Ljubljana Summer School at the Faculty of Economics - University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), 3rd - 21st July 2017
  34. [Switzerland] Summer school on Wine, Terroir, Tourism - University of Lausanne (Switzerland), 10th - 15th July 2017
  35. [Taiwan] 2017 Chinese Language & Culture Immersion in TaiwanJuly 3rd - July 21st or July 3rd - August 4th, 2017.
  36. [UK] The University of Leeds International Summer School (LISS) - Leeds (UK), 1st July - 30th July 2017
  37. [UK] Northumbria International Summer School (WebNorthumbria University, Newcastle (UK), 9th - 28th July 2017
  38. [UK] International Summer School (Web) - Glasgow Caledonian University (UK), 17th July - 4th August 2017
  39. [UK] UCL Summer School (Web) (Application) - London, 2nd - 20th July or 23rd July - 10th August 2018