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The University of Jaén offers a wide range of unique degrees and study programs that allow you to complement your official Degree, Master’s, or doctoral studies; achieve further specialization in your field of interest; and increase and update your professional abilities and knowledge, designing a bespoke curriculum tailored to your needs.

Másteres de Formación Permanente

Postgrados (60-90-120 ECTS)
Con una duración de entre 1 y 2 cursos, estos Títulos Propios de Postgrado no dan acceso al Doctorado, pero te permiten alcanzar una formación especializada completa y específicamente diseñada para dar respuesta a las necesidades de tu profesión.

Másteres de Formación Permanente

Specialization Diplomas

Specialization Diplomas

Postgraduate (30-59 ECTS credits)
Lasting between one and two semesters, these UJA-specific postgraduate degrees are designed to provide students with training in specific competences that respond to their professional needs.

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Diplomas de Postgrado

Postgraduate Diplomas

Postgraduate (5-29 ECTS credits)
These UJA-specific postgraduate degrees allow students to obtain specific competences related to their professional fields in less than one semester.

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University Extension Diplomas

University students (5+ ECTS credits)
These UJA-specific degrees are designed to complement personal and professional knowledge and competences in students’ fields of interest.

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Students in general (5+ ECTS credits)
These UJA-specific certificates are focused on providing education to a variety of people, not necessarily members of the university community, in competences essential to their personal and professional advancement.

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Specific Educational Activities

Courses, workshops, seminars, conferences
Specific educational activities provide a flexible education to a wide variety of people. Whether a student of the university or not, here you can easily find an education in line with your interests and needs.

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UJA Supplementary Education (FoCo) Program

UJA Students Supplementary Education
Here you can find all of the educational activities the UJA offers as supplements to your official degree program.

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UJA ForUM Program

Summer courses and other educational activities in collaboration with municipalities in Jaén
Here, you can find the educational activities that have been organized by the UJA in collaboration with local governments in the province of Jaén.

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Language Courses

Language courses and accreditation
Check out our extensive offer of courses and language accreditation, provided by the Center for Advanced Studies in Modern Languages to the whole university community.

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Open classroom

At various locations around the province, this is where those who are over 55 and who wish to gain more knowledge in some field can come to meet, participate, and receive further education.

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