University of Jaén brand

Marca Universidad de Jaén


This is a more current version of the traditional brand in which the typography has been modified, adapting the brand "Universidad de Jaén" which will be used as the corporative image of the University of Jaén on all of its institutional, academic and administrative communications in which the University takes part individually or in collaboration with other centres and/or institutions. Thus, it aims to maintain the same graphic line and visual coherence, both in the application of the brand itself and in its coexistence with other external elements that could be generated in the university environment.

This brand consist of the symbol and the brand's name of the University of Jaén, along with the corresponding typography for this version,regardless of the positive or negative values represented below. The two elements are inseparable and form an indivisible whole.

The proportional relationships between the different elements that shape the brand must remain as they are specified in this manual, being the Cabinet of Communicaiton and Institutional Projection the one in charge of the assessment as well as the conflict resolution in its traditional use and placemente for all of the situations that may require it.