Corporative Identity

On 12 April 2016, the Governing Council of the University of Jaén approved the UJA Corporate Visual Identity Manual, known in the Statutes as the Graphic Identity Manual, this document contains the general rules for the application of the institution's identity in any advertising medium whether it is an online or offline communication tool.

The current structure of the University, in which centres, departments, research groups, institutes and various services coexist, has led to the appearance of different symbols and logos, created in a dispersed way and without a common criterion, which hinders a homogeneous image of the institution. Starting from this premise, the aim of this manual is to make the identity of the institution known and to regulate the internal use of the different symbols to facilitate the identification and recognition of the image of the University of Jaén, as well as to strengthen a differentiated identity, sustainable over time and generating reputation.

This document contains all of the existent solutions to the graphic or design problems of the corporative image of the University, the regulation of its uses and applications, as well as the co-habitation rules with other external and internal symbols or logos, with the clear purpose of protecting the identity and to prevent its degradation and improper use. This Manual is, therefore, of mandatory referral for the staff of the University, as well as for external agents who wish to use the marks of the University of Jaén in any of its interpretations.

In this sense, the corporative visual identity of the University of Jaén is integrated by three brands:

- Traditional Brand

- Universidad de Jaén Brand

- UJA brand