Ballesteros Tribaldo


Evaristo Antonio

Degree: PhD in Chemistry

Position: Professor of Analytical Chemistry

Department: Physical and Analytical Chemistry

University: Jaén

Location: A-205-B (E.P.S. de Linares). Alfonso X, El Sabio 28, 23700-Linares (Jaén)


Phone: +34 953 648 560

Fax: +34 953 648 560

        Personal Web:

        Research interest:

·                   Chromatographic  techniques.

·                   Spectroscopic techniques.

·                   Automated systems of analysis.

·                   Treatment of environmental samples.

·                   Treatment of agroalimentary samples.

·                   Hibridation of chromatography techniques with other analytical techniques.

·                   Determination of organic and inorganic waste  in food.

·                   Determination of organic pollutants in environmental samples.

·                   Environmental engineering in ceramic industry.



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