Conference fees

New reduced fees!!

All participants must register and pay the following Conference Fees, A) and B).

A) Registration

€ 500   is the Registration Fee, though we expect all participants pay less as we offer the following discounts:

a) If you collaborate with the Jaen Conference, you will reduce:

i)   € 50 if you pre-register in our online registration before May 20th, 2012.
ii)  € 100 if you organize a mini-symposium or present a talk/poster, or you are student, or retired.
iii) € 50 if you pay the registration fees before June 30th, 2012.

b) If you have collaborated or plan to collaborate with the Jaen Journal on Approximation in the terms described below, you will reduce:

i)   € 100 if you were referee for the Jaen Journal on Approximation in the last two years or you plan to submit a manuscript to Jaen Journal on Approximation in the next two years not necessarily related to your talk/poster.
Information about submissions to the Jaen Journal on Approximation
ii)  € 100 if you are subscriber or you have bought any issue of the Jaen Journal on Approximation or your Institution is subscriber or is involved in an exchange program with the JJA (payments to JJA must be done before June 30th, 2012).
Information about subscription to the Jaen Journal on Approximation

Discounts a) and b) are accumulative. Conference fees includes: material, abstract book, coffee-breaks, special Gala dinner.

The registration fees must be paid by bank money order to (All the expenses of the bank Money order will be paid by the participant):

Universidad de Jaén (VAT: ESQ7350006H, NIF:Q7350006H)
(Bank: Caja Rural de Jaén,
Address: Campus de Las Lagunillas, s/n. 23071 Jaén, Spain
Bank International Code (BIC/SWIFT): BCOEESMM067
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): ES91 3067 0109 34 2180486728)

or at the registration desk once in Úbeda by cash.

B) Accommodation, meals, local travels and social events

€ 450   are the Fees corresponding to:

i. Accommodation*: single room in Hotel María de Molina (5 nights, from 15th to 20th).
ii. Meals: breakfasts (from July 16th to 20th), lunches (from 15th to 20th), dinners (from 15th to 19th).
iii. Local travels: shuttle bus/taxi service between Linares-Baeza train station and Úbeda.
iv. Social events: travel and visit to Cazorla, visit to Úbeda, travel and visit to Baeza.

* Two participants who agree to share a double room will reduce € 75 each (final price: € 375 per person).

If you prefer the Parador de Turismo de Úbeda, then the price increases in € 100 per room.

Hotel reservation must be done by payment of € 200 per requested room to Hotel María de Molina
by bank order money or by credit card. (You will find the booking-form in the online registration).

When the hotel receives your payment we will consider your registration. The hotel should receive your payment by July 5th, 2012, otherwise we will be unable to include you in the scientific program.

After receipt of booking form and the payment, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation and your number of participant. You will be also able to check both the confirmation of your hotel reservation and of your registration both your number of participant by means of our on-line registration system. To access to your information you will have to use the email address and the password that you have introduced in the on-line form. You can access the on-line registration system at any moment from the menu of the Conference.

The rest of B) should be paid before July 5th. If you decide to pay it later or once in Úbeda at the registration desk in cash or by credit card, the price will be increased in € 50 per participant.

Hotel María de Molina will prepare an invoice ("room and meals") for the total quantity.

Extras, as car parking, mini bar, laundry, phone, ... are not included, and they must be paid in each hotel.

Depending on the number of participants new hotels could be included. In this case, we will inform you and you will be able to choose again according with your number of participant. Early registration will allow you to choose amongst a longer list of hotels.

You can find the information about how to pay to the hotel in the Accomodation/Payments form. Please, go to the on-line registration system to find more information on this matter.

Accompanying people

  • Accompanying people must pay accommodation, meals, local travels and social events.
  • If you plan to participate and pay € 450 for B), you can attend the conference with an accompanying person sharing a double room with an additional payment of € 350 (which corresponds to the additional cost of the room and the Gala dinner).
  • Please contact if your situation differs from the previous ones.

You will find the forms to register and for the accommodation in our line registration system accessible from the menu or by means of the following link: