HUM-458 Egyptology and Papyrology

Coordinator: Dr. Alejandro Juan Jiménez Serrano (ajiserra [arroba] ujaen [punto] es)

Research lines

  • Relations of Ancient Egypt with the Kingdom of Nubia
  • Archaeology in the Nile Valley, for which we have all implements already in place in Egypt
  • Study of Egyptian cemeteries of ancient times
  • Late Antiquity (Byzantine) Era in Egypt
  • Administration in ancient Egypt
  • Egyptian language and writings
  • Papyrology
  • The Greek and Hellenistic world in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Architecture of Ancient Egypt and Nubia
  • 3D scan and reconstruction of pieces, for which we have a 3D HDI Advance (47635) scanner in place
  • The olive tree in the Eastern Mediterranean in antiquity
  • History of ancient religions

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