History of the University of Jaén

In May 1992, the Jaén University Campus Technical & Academic Committee was created, paving the way for the University of Jaén (UJA) to be officially founded on 1 July 1993 under Law 5/1993 from the Andalusian Parliament. A management committee, created on 7 September 1993, was responsible for building the University of Jaén from the bottom up. Yet the history of the University of Jaén can be traced back to the modern era and the University of Baeza, as well as to the 17th century, when Santa Catalina Convent School was briefly converted into a Pontifical University. Since then, the University of Jaén has become increasingly consolidated, transforming its surroundings as it adapts to them. It’s a vibrant, modern university with an international outlook and a strong commitment to society and the local community, which is keen to rise to new challenges and always puts students first.