Organisational structure

Pendon Sala Institucional After 25 years operating as the University of Jaén, we have matured sufficiently to take the next step and position the university more firmly on the regional, national and international educational scene. To do so, we need a dedicated team of people.

Social outreach, representation, governance and management at the university are the responsibility of different governing bodies: these may be university-wide or operate at the level of faculties and schools or departments. University-wide governing bodies can be individual or collegiate. The individual governing bodies make up the Governing Board, which meets every Monday and centres around the Board of Directors: the Rector, the Vice-Rectors, the General Secretary and the Managing Director. They work with trusted colleagues, the Secretariat Directors, who are part of the Extended Governing Board.

The University of Jaén also has several collegiate bodies: the University Senate (the main representation body for the university community); the Governing Council (the university’s governing body); the Board of Directors (which assists the Rector) and the Social Council (the university’s social outreach body). The University of Jaén also has eleven teaching centres offering undergraduate and postgraduate training, as well as five research centres. The undergraduate teaching centres are organised into departments, which are the main teaching and research units.

Staff also have their own representation bodies: the Staff Board for civil servants and the Works Council for employees. The main student representation body at the University of Jaén is the Student Council. There is a University Ombudsman, who is appointed by the University of Jaén Senate to ensure that the rights and freedoms of teaching staff, students, and administration & services staff are respected by the various university bodies and services.