Multiple entrepreneurship programs and business practices that will facilitate your incorporation into the labor market.

Elena Gutiérrez García. Double degree in Law and Business Administration.

The University helps all young people with creative ideas with orientation sessions, consultations with experts, financial aid and even offering us a place like the Business Incubators located in Jaén and Linares. It gives real and constant support”.

To facilitate employment it is necessary to provide students with comprehensive and quality training, focused on learning and the acquisition of additional transversal and complementary skills to those gained in their qualifications so that they are valued in the workplace and society, as well as to stimulate entrepreneurial capacity.

The University of Jaén promotes comprehensive training for the qualification and improvement of employability, raising awareness so that training in employability is seen by the entire university community as a component of the training process and complemented with specific training activities. The completion of external internships has proven to be an element of great importance when it comes to facilitating the incorporation of students into the labor market, so action is being taken to increase and improve the offer of internships.

Access to the labour market for graduates of the UJA is facilitated through the definition of student hiring grants, with a series of economic incentives for companies which give students a competitive value with regard to the selection processes.