Integral Training

A unique complementary offer that will favor your personal development and your employability.

Encarnación Ruiz Ramos

I think we have nothing to envy regarding other universities: The facilities, the cultural and leisure offer, the quality of the teaching, the variety in its offer of degrees, and especially the high rate of employability of our graduates and postgraduates.".

The University of Jaén understands that its responsibility to our youth goes beyond the academic formation of Degree and Postgraduate studies.

At the University of Jaén we understand university education as an integral formation. We are absolutely convinced that what society expects from our graduates, from our future professionals, is that they have acquired a set of skills and abilities, what we now call competences, that include as essential elements specialized knowledge in each of the disciplines corresponding to the different degrees.

This fundamental training, which provides students with the necessary skills to develop their professional work with different levels of increasing specialization, is complemented by a parallel training that allows students to achieve the maximum development of their personal and professional skills, favoring, ultimately, employability through an increase in their competitiveness in the labor market, both in terms of self-employment and the creation of employment for others.

Among the cross-cutting activities that potentially affect all students are included cultural training in theater, film, music, volunteering and social responsibility; complementary training in languages through our Center for Advanced Studies in Modern Languages; training in social skills and the transmission of information; training in entrepreneurship, self-employment and business creation, among others.

Specific complementary training activities for specific centers or degrees include conference cycles such as the Postgraduate Teaching Conferences Cycle of the University of Jaén, congresses and workshops, and a variety of postgraduate diplomas, university extension courses and specific training activities aimed at specialization, updating of knowledge and the professional, scientific and artistic improvement of our students.