A highly qualified faculty, close and committed to your formation.

Juan de Dios Jurado Zafra. Degree in Physiotherapy

I did not think about it twice, I enrolled here again because I think it is a university with great teaching, facilities and new material, and above all, a closeness to the students that greatly facilitates my studies and adaptation to the new system

Finally, we would like to highlight the important research activity, which is intrinsically linked to the very idea of University, carried out by the University of Jaén in a very wide range of disciplines and lines of work in different fields of knowledge. This constitutes a very important basis in making the quality of the teaching of our degrees more than remarkable and, above all, very up-to-date, as befits a modern university institution like the UJA.

The launch, for the first time in the UJA, of a program to attract visiting professors of different nationalities constitutes a relevant novelty. In the linguistic field, the training initiatives carried out in recent years have led to more than 150 teachers of the UJA being accredited with a level B2, C1 or C2 in a foreign language, usually English.