Attracting Talent Scholarship Programme for Undergraduate Studies in the 2022/2023

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Until april 5th 2021 at 23:59.
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Within the framework of the Strategic Planning of the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization, and in collaboration with the Vice-Rectorate for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Permanent Training, it has been decided to announce 108 Scholarships for international students of excellence who wish to study undergraduate studies at the University of Jaén. Of these scholarships, 56 are co-financed by the Linares City Council.


• To promote the internationalization of the students of the University of Jaén Bachelor's Degrees.

• Facilitate the access of international students to degree studies adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

• Promote the attraction of students of excellence to undergraduate studies at the University of Jaén.


Students with nationality in countries listed in ANNEX I from non-Spanish Education Centers, who meet the requirements indicated in this call. All communications will be made through the email address that appears in the request.


Full scholarship for undergraduate studies

108 Undergraduate scholarships are announced.

The scholarship will consist of:

  • 100% coverage of the enrollment expenses of the credits required to pass the chosen program (240 ECTS for undergraduate studies). Enrollment fees for a full course (60 ECTS) * will be paid annually. If someone wishes to enroll in more annual credits, the additional cost must be borne by the interested party. Enrollments less than 60 ECTS per year will not be accepted.
  • 100% coverage of credit recognition expenses for those students who request it.
  • Health insurance coverage (illness / hospitalization), repatriation, accidents and civil liability of up to € 190 during the validity period of the scholarship. Beneficiaries must purchase the insurance personally.
  • An economic amount of € 2,200 per year per candidate, for accommodation and / or living expenses (2,400 US dollars approx.). The price of accommodation and air tickets will not be fully covered by this scholarship. The beneficiaries will be able to use the € 2,200 to defray part of the expenses.
  • Free Spanish courses in the case of non-Spanish-speaking students as well as the costs of travel between campuses necessary to attend them, if applicable.
  • In justified cases, other necessary expenses may be covered during the stay at the University of Jaén.

Annex II: Degrees offered. (4 years– 240 ECTS)

  • Degree in Hispanic Philology

  • Degree in History of Art

  • Degree in Geography and History

  • Degree in Environmental Sciences

  • Degree in Business Administration and Management (English group)

  • Degree in Statistics and Business

  • Degree in Tourism

  • Degree in Management and Public Administration

  • Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources

  • Degree in Geomatics and Topographical Engineering (Jaén Campus)

  • Degree in Civil Engineering (Linares Campus)

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Linares Campus)

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering (Jaén Campus)

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering (Linares Campus)

  • Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering (Linares Campus)

  • Degree in Mining Technologies Engineering (Linares Campus)

  • Degree in Energy Resources Engineering (Linares Campus)

  • Degree in Telematics Engineering (Linares Campus)

  • Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (Linares Campus)

* The renewal of the scholarship for the total of 4 years of undergraduate studies will be subject to obtaining satisfactory academic results.

General and Academic Requirements of the applicants

Students who wish to participate in this scholarship must:

  • Have completed high school or equivalent.
  • Have a minimum score of 7 on a 10-point scale in the studies in the previous section.

Students who have obtained a scholarship and wish to renew it to continue their studies at the UJA must have passed 90% of the credits enrolled in the previous year.

A new undergraduate talent attraction scholarship may not be awarded to a student who has already been a beneficiary of the undergraduate talent attraction scholarship in a previous call.


Applications will be submitted until april 5, 2022 at 23:59 through the computer application available on this website.

Along with the application form, the following documentation must be sent in electronic format (pdf):

  • Copy of passport or identity document.

  • Certification of your academic record with grades.

  • Certification certifying knowledge of the Spanish language (recommended) (for all degrees except for the Degree in Business Administration and Management).

  • Certification certifying knowledge of the English language (if you request the Degree in Business Administration and Management).

Optionally, together with the application it can be sent in electronic format (pdf):

  • Copy of the academic qualification or the document that accredits the completion of studies (optional).

Selection process

The selection will be made by the University of Jaén with the support, where appropriate, of the corresponding government agencies of the country of origin, based on the following criteria:

  • Average grade of the teaching that allows access to undergraduate studies, on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • "Students who prove their knowledge of Spanish for degrees taught in this language will have preference, and students who prove their knowledge of English for applicants of the Degree in Business Administration (group in English).

  • The following places will be reserved:

    • 14 places for students selected by the Office of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Moscow. • 14 places for students of Spanish centers dependent on the Ministry of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Brazil.

    • 14 places for degrees with teaching at the Linares Campus for students from Convention centers and attached to the Departments of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

    • 3 places for the three winning schools in the Ensino Médio category of the Contest "School of the Year in Spanish 2021", organized by the Ministry of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Brazil and the Miguel de Cervantes School of São Paulo.

    • 2 places for students from Spanish centers in Poland.

    • 2 places for Tunisian students selected based on the terms of the agreement with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain in Tunisia.

    • 6 places for students selected by the Ministry of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Bulgaria directly and through the Attaché Offices of Education in Hungary and Romania.

    • 5 places for students who have passed the National Exam High School (ENEM) of Brazil.

Granting of scholarships

The provisional resolution for granting the aid will be published by resolution of the Vice President for Internationalization of the University of Jaén, with a deadline of April 29, 2022. The final resolution will be published with a deadline of May 20, 2022.

Scholarship recipients will receive an individual communication at the email address indicated in the application. Likewise, the list of selected people will be published on the website of the University of Jaén.

In addition to the selected scholarship holders, a list of alternates will be drawn up to fill any vacancies or resignations that may arise throughout the procedure. The ordering of substitutes will be carried out according to the same selection criteria.

Applicants who do not agree with the assessment given may submit a claim within 10 business days following publication by writing to the physical or electronic registry ( of the University of Jaén.

Possible claims will be resolved and notified with the publication of the final list on the notice board of the University of Jaén:

Once the claim period has elapsed and, once the possible claims have been resolved, the definitive list of scholarship awards, alternates and excluded persons will be published.

In the event that the Degree selected by the applicant is not taught, enrollment in another Degree will be facilitated.

In the event that scholarships remain vacant, they may be used for international students enrolled in Phase 1 of the DUA. The beneficiaries must meet the requirements indicated in section 4 of this call in addition to having applied for the Talent Attraction scholarship within the corresponding period.

Obligations of the beneficiaries

  • Except in the case of students from Portuguese and / or Italian speaking countries, have an adequate level of knowledge of Spanish to be able to follow the courses in this language.
  • Send the University of Jaén a signed letter stating the acceptance of the scholarship and the conditions established by the University of Jaén.
  • For access to undergraduate studies at the University of Jaén, the student must meet the requirements indicated in ANNEX III of this call.
  • Carry out the pre-registration of the Degree, in accordance with the regulations of the University of Jaén and the Unique University District of Andalusia. If necessary, the student must homologate the corresponding title that gives access to these studies, as well as prove knowledge of the Spanish language if required for access to the university.
  • Formalize, according to the procedure and the established regulatory deadlines, the corresponding enrollment at the University of Jaén.
  • Carry out all the necessary procedures to obtain the entry visa to Spain and, where appropriate, the legalization of all the necessary documentation to constitute your academic record.
  • Except in justified cases, exceed 90% of the credits registered annually.
  • It will be an essential requirement to receive financial aid and to be a beneficiary of the insurance contract to be residing in the cities of Jaén or Linares, except for those students who are beneficiaries of these scholarships who subsequently attend face-to-face mobility stays during any of the academic courses.

Payment of scholarships

Beneficiary applicants will enjoy exemption from paying public prices for academic and administrative services (60 credits per course) and the amount granted for accommodation and / or living expenses will be paid in two payments per academic year, 60% It will be paid once the student's enrollment and their incorporation to the University of Jaén are accredited, and 40% will be paid once the academic results of the first semester are verified.


The University of Jaén will provide the necessary support for the VISA process.