Call for positions of Visiting Professor - 2024/2025

Academic Year
Fecha de publicación
Place and time of presentation
Until Febrary 29th of 2024 at 23:59.
Call Status

The University of Jaén offers Visiting Professor positions for the academic year of 2024/2025 (BASES OF THE CALL).


Characteristics, number and duration of contracts.

For the academic year 2024/2025, up to a total of 8 visiting professors may be hired.

The gross remuneration for visiting faculty will be proposed by the Academic Organization Commission and approved by the Governing Council, aligning them with one of the contractual figures outlined in current labor legislation, and will be, at most, equivalent to the amounts specified for contracted doctoral faculty.

The dedication of visiting faculty will be eight hours of teaching per week, in undergraduate or postgraduate programs, preferably in English as part of the Bilingualism Program of the University of Jaén.

The contract will have a duration of six months, with the possibility of extension for an equal period, subject to mutual agreement, up to a maximum of two years. In any case, these potential extensions and their corresponding timeframes will be contingent upon the processing and approval of relevant residence and work permits, as well as the approval of the Governing Council.

Type of visiting teaching staff

Ordinary: teaching or research staff hired, exceptionally and temporarily, under a labor regime, and who maintains their functional or employment connection with their original institutions.

Application Procedure

Deadline and procedure

Interested individuals should submit their application through the electronic form available at the following web link: until the upcoming February 29, 2024, at 23:59 (Spanish time).


Alongside each application, the following documentation must be provided:

  1. Curriculum Vitae of the candidate, specifying academic background and teaching and research experience over the last 10 years, following the standardized template (ANNEX I), available in both Spanish and English versions at the end of this page. Curricula not conforming to the specified format will not be considered.

  2. Detailed report of the activities to be carried out in the teaching or teaching and research field.

  3. Document proving the connection with the originating institution (certificate, contract, etc.).

  4. Authorization from the originating institution.

  5. Copy of passport/identity document.

Hiring proposals

The proposals for hiring Visiting Faculty will be made by the directors of departments and university institutes at the University of Jaén. In accordance with the Regulations for the hiring of Visiting Faculty at the University of Jaén, the proposed candidates should hold employment status, either in a functional or labor capacity, at other universities or research centers, preferably foreign.

The received applications will be forwarded to the relevant departments and university institutes for assessment, as applicable. Ultimately, the departments and university institutes will submit their hiring proposals in a written communication addressed to the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Research Staff before 14:00 on March 8, 2024.

Selection Process

All applications will be evaluated by a Hiring Committee that will submit a proposal to the Academic Organization Commission.

The Hiring Committee will comprise the Vice-Rectors responsible for faculty and internationalization, a representative from each major knowledge area, and a representative from the Employee Committee.

In assessing the applications, the University of Jaén's approved criteria for hiring teaching and research staff will be considered, taking into account:

  1. Academic qualifications.
  2. Teaching experience.
  3. Research activities.

The Academic Organization Commission, after analyzing the proposal from the Hiring Committee, will issue a mandatory but non-binding report. In preparing this report, particular attention will be given to applications that promote the internationalization of the University, especially those supporting the teaching of courses in a foreign language, preferably English, within the Bilingualism Program or in international double degrees, bilingual degrees, or programs entirely taught in a foreign language.

The University of Jaén's Governing Council, based on the report issued by the Academic Organization Commission, will decide, if applicable, the hiring of Visiting Faculty.