Talent Attraction Grants Programme for Master's Degree studies in Advanced Studies in Cultural Heritage at the University of Jaén

Academic Year
Call Status


The Vice-Rector's Office for Internationalisation announces an additional place for the Talent Attraction scholarship programme for the Master's Degree in Advanced Studies in Cultural Heritage.


  • To promote the internationalisation of the students of the Masters of the University of Jaén.
  • To facilitate the access of international students to Master's studies adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
  • To promote the attraction of students of excellence to postgraduate studies at the University of Jaén.


Students from non-Spanish universities who meet the requirements indicated in this call. These scholarships are aimed at students who are going to start their Master's studies and are not enrolled at the University of Jaén.

All communications will be made through the e-mail address given in the application form.


Number and amount of scholarships:

Full scholarship for Master's studies.

1 Master's scholarship is available. The scholarship will consist of:

  • Coverage of 100% of the tuition fees for the credits required to pass the chosen programme. The tuition fees for a full academic year (60 ECTS) will be paid annually (The renewal of the scholarship for the full Master's studies will be subject to satisfactory academic results). If someone wishes to enrol for more credits per year, the additional cost must be borne by the interested party. In general, enrolments of less than 60 ECTS per year will not be accepted.
  • Health (illness/hospitalisation), repatriation, accident and civil liability insurance for the duration of the scholarship.
  • A financial amount of €3,000 per year per beneficiary.
  • The cost of Spanish courses in the case of non-Spanish-speaking students, as well as the costs of travel between campuses necessary to attend them, if applicable.
  • These scholarships will be managed with funds from Expenditure Centre 02.10 and will be charged to application 482.14.

General and Academic Requirements for Applicants

Students wishing to apply for this scholarship must:

  • Have the corresponding qualification for access to the Master's degree studies requested or be in a position to have completed it by 15 September 2021. ANNEX I of the call for applications contains the general criteria for admission.

  • To have at the time of application an average grade of at least 7 on a 10-point scale for scholarships in the studies listed above.

In the case of Master's degrees of more than 60 ECTS, students who have obtained a grant and wish to renew it in order to continue their studies must have passed 90% of the credits enrolled in the previous academic year.

A new Master's degree talent attraction grant cannot be awarded to an applicant who has already received a Master's degree talent attraction grant in a previous call or who is studying the Master's degree for which he/she is applying for this grant at the University of Jaén.

Seleccion Process

The place is reserved for the candidate selected by the Department of Education of the Spanish Embassy in Brazil and the Consulate General of Spain in Rio de Janeiro, in collaboration with the Art Foundation of Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and will allow the incorporation of a student for the academic year 2021/2022. The selection, which will be the responsibility of the aforementioned organisations, will be based exclusively on the academic merits of the candidate student and will be carried out by a Commission that will be formed equally by representatives of the Consulate General of Spain in Rio de Janeiro and the Art Foundation of Ouro Preto.

Awarding of Scholarships

The International Relations Section will carry out the procedure in application of this call, relying, where appropriate, on the government agencies of the applicant's country of origin, and will submit the proposed resolution to the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalisation, the competent body to make a decision.

The beneficiary of the scholarship will receive an individual communication at the e-mail address indicated in the application form. Likewise, the list of selected persons will be published on the website of the University of Jaén.

In addition to the selected scholarship holders, a list of substitutes will be drawn up to cover possible vacancies or resignations that may occur during the procedure. The ranking of substitutes will be carried out according to the same selection criteria.

Applicants who do not agree with the assessment given may submit a complaint within 5 working days of publication by writing to secrel [arroba] ujaen [punto] es.

Any possible complaints will be resolved and notified with the publication of the definitive list.

Once the period for complaints has elapsed and any possible claims have been resolved, the definitive list of scholarship awards, substitutes and those excluded will be published.

In the event that vacant scholarships remain, they may be used for international students enrolled in Phase 1 of DUA who have applied for a scholarship and have been placed on the waiting list. Beneficiaries must meet the requirements indicated in section 4 of this call for applications.

Obligations of the Beneficiaries

  • Except in the case of students from Portuguese and/or Italian-speaking countries, to have an adequate level of knowledge of Spanish in order to be able to follow the courses in this language.
  • To send to the University of Jaén a signed letter stating the acceptance of the scholarship and the conditions established by the University of Jaén.
  • In order to access the Master studies at the University of Jaén, the student must fulfil the requirements indicated in ANNEX III of the present call.
  • Pre-register for the Master's degree to which they are applying, in accordance with the regulations of the University of Jaén and the Single University District of Andalusia.
  • Formalise the corresponding enrolment at the University of Jaén, in accordance with the established procedure and regulatory deadlines.
  • To carry out all the necessary procedures to obtain the entry visa to Spain and, where appropriate, the legalisation of all the necessary documentation to constitute their academic record.
  • In the case of master's degrees of more than 60 credits, and except in justified cases, to exceed 90% of the credits enrolled annually.
  • In order to receive the financial aid and to be eligible for the insurance policy, it will be an essential requirement to be resident in the cities of Jaén or Linares, except for those students who are beneficiaries of these grants and who subsequently study on-site mobility stays during one of the academic years.

Payment of the Grants

The beneficiary applicants will be exempt from the payment of public prices for academic and administrative services (60 credits per academic year) and the amount granted will be paid in two payments per academic year, 60% will be paid once the student's enrolment and incorporation to the University of Jaén is accredited, and 40% will be paid at the beginning of the second academic year once the academic results of the first academic year have been verified.