Mobility Insurance for Incoming Students

Dear students,

We inform you that it is a mandatory requirement that you have an insurance for your mobility that covers your entire period of stay. The necessary coverage is: medical insurance, repatriation in case of illness and death that covers the expenses of accompanying a family member, and civil liability.

For this reason, the University of Jaén has carried out the relevant procedures to offer the most advantageous insurance and, with a mandatory nature, it is necessary to contract the travel insurance with the following company: ONCAMPUS.

This is the link to take out the insurance:

Once the insurance has been taken out, DO NOT FORGET to upload the policy to the UMOVE platform.

If you decide to take out a different insurance policy, you must upload the policy together with the following signed FORM.

Policies uploaded to UMove that do not meet the requirements will be deleted from the system.

In addition, for any questions regarding policy coverage or the form, you should contact the insurance company using this link: