SciFinder-n Sesiones Online de Formación Multidisciplinar


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CAS queremos ofrece una serie de formaciones de CAS SciFinder-n sobre diversas temáticas relacionadas con investigación.

Las sesiones serán impartidas online y en inglés con una duración de 1h en la que habrá tiempo para preguntas.

Tras la(s) formación(es) a la(s) que asistáis, se os enviará un certificado de asistencia que compute para horas de formación.


Date - Time (CET)


Pharmacy & Medicine:

  • Substance - Bioactivity Formulation
  • Drug Delivery - Reference Searching
  • Drug Formulation Purpose - Therapeutic Use
  • Active Principles Characterization & Analysis
  • Medicine Substance Role & Diseases - Adverse Effects
  • Medicine and Pharmacy Regulatory Information
  • Most prominent Authors - Citations
  • Pharmacy Patents - PatentPak
  • Patent Markush Drug Search
  • Espacenet & Prior Art- Patents

17/05/2022 -15h00



  • Magnetic materials and electronic devices – Strategies for an efficient Reference search.
  • Characterization of semiconductors –Substance specific and broad approaches.
  • Nanostructures as captured in journals and patents.
  • Computer simulations –The broad coverage of research areas in SciFinder-n.

19/05/2022 - 15h00


Intellectual Property (IP):

  • A valuable tool for patent searching.
  • Different intellectual property (IP) documents & references.
  • Patents search and visualization (PatentPak)
  • Markush structures in substance and reaction search
  • ChemScape: display different patents sorted by similarity, chronologically, etc.
  • Different filters: CPC & IPC, patent office, jurisdiction, etc.
  • Tips to for narrowing down your results while not losing relevant hits.

24/05/2022 – 15h00


Total Synthesis:

  • Total synthesis: experimental and predicted reaction steps.
  • How to find natural products from specific species in nature.
  • Retrosynthesis tool in creative view of the alternatives to a synthetic approach for a (novel) target molecule.
  • Substance/reaction/reference searching organometallic compounds.
  • Functional and efficient application of different filters for larger reactions (yield, selectivity or green chemistry approach).

25/05/2022 – 15h00


Biology & Biotechnology:

  • Biosequence searching in SciFinder-n (increasing the biosequences collection to over1 billion sequences; protein & nucliec acids)
  • Text-based searches for biological matter and how to filter the most relevant results.
    along with links to the NCBI database.
  • Ways to refine results using indexed concepts
  • Combining biosequence search results with small molecule search results to locate information on antibody-drug conjugates.
  • How to use the BLAST, CDR, and Motif search options to explore biosequence content.
  • Linking sequence content to the respective patent and journal references,

01/06/2022 – 15h00



  • Synthetic /natural polymers - Substance Searching and Indexing in SciFinder
  • Polymer synthesis & characterization methods - Substance Roles
  • Engineering - Content and Reference Searching
  • Mechanical essays - Text Searching
  • Nanoparticles - Substance and Concept Indexing
  • Applications - Refinement of answer sets
  • Patents - PatentPak and Prior Art Analysis

02/06/2022 – 15h00


CAS SciFinder-n Q2 Novelties (en Español):

  • The last update about newly integrated solutions to the platform in the second quarter of 2022
  • Explained with examples.

15/06/2022 – 15h00