The UJA’s Mission, Vision, and Values

The UJA’s Mission

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The University of Jaen is a public institution that, through teaching, research, and knowledge transfer, offers a comprehensive education that combines responsible citizenship, professionalism, and a commitment to the sustainability of one’s surroundings, and adapts to the needs of a changing society via the creation, development, and dissemination of science, skills, and culture. Of note is the university staff’s commitment to constant improvement in all aspects, a high level of social engagement, and a balance between worldwide dissemination and internationalization in all areas, while maintaining a leading role in the socioeconomic and cultural development of the province of Jaén.

The UJA’s Vision

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The UJA aspires to align the activities and performance of the university’s various units to strengthen its role as an innovator that shines a spotlight on the needs of its stakeholders, with special attention to the comprehensive education provided to its students through a learning model that stimulates and ensures their intellectual development and ability to further develop themselves in the positions required by a sustainable globalized world in constant transformation, with meaningful, relevant, internationally impactful research as a base, which thus furthers the university’s role as a co-leader in social, economic, and cultural progress in its field. To do this, the UJA aims to be an institution that:

  • Responds to the needs of its staff, striving to offer a place of work that provides them with wellbeing, guarantees the full development of all of their personal and professional potential, and ensures new talented generations of staff replace old ones while the institution maintains its significance in the university system and strengthens its role as a co-leader in the socioeconomic and cultural progress of the province.
  • Offers degree programs adapted to the new qualifications required by the job market and to the changing needs of society. The university employs a teaching/learning model that is adapted to a student body made up of digital natives and to the educational needs of a changing society, and provides students with a comprehensive education that complements official study programs with parallel formation that enables them to reach their maximum potential in terms of the development of their personal and professional abilities, fostering their commitment to sustainable development and improving their employability.
  • Bolsters its position as a research university with growing significance in terms of post-graduate studies and quality research activities and results. The university implements policies that promote the competence of its research staff and enable the acquisition of financing via competitive research projects and attracting talented researchers.
  • Advances cross-disciplinary internationalization with the teaching, research, and by extension, academic experiences being international. The university also strives to take on a leading proactive role in the formation of alliances between the European universities that are deeply rooted in and committed to areas on the outskirts of megacities, increasing their leadership role in the area and improving the employability of their alumni.
  • Inspires and instills trust in its stakeholders in order to show that the systems of governance and management continually work to achieve value in their functions, have the ability to innovate so as to anticipate and adapt to changes that take place in society, and actually work when it comes to the improvement and sustainability of outcomes, making significant moves towards being a digital university that explores and implements technologies to multiply, transform, and favor value added in the implementation of the university’s missions and functions, a central element in its growth.
  • Takes on an active role in achieving the joint project that is the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, focusing its educational and research activities, knowledge transfer, and cultural development on these goals, while being recognized for the results and impact achieved in its field.
  • Serves as a tool for social, economic, and cultural change in the province of Jaén, using human capital and education as a base, but also via innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer, and giving visibility to culture.

The UJA’s Values

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The University of Jaén and all staff members share the following values, which differentiate the university and single it out as an institution that is socially responsible and focused on providing value to its stakeholders:

  • Focused on the social, economic, and cultural growth of the province of Jaén, acting as a creator of and driving force behind the prosperity and wellbeing of the inhabitants of this area, providing assistance and answers to problems that affect them.
  • Institutional vision. We strive for the image of the university to appear strong in all initiatives undertaken with any person or institution with whom we engage. We complete all of our assigned functions and care about the results obtained. The interests of individuals and stakeholders are governed by those of the university in general.
  • Internationalization. We are constantly looking to open new horizons around the globe without losing touch with our local roots.
  • Dedication to service. We monitor the quality of the services and functions that we offer in order to constantly improve, applying innovative solutions that lead to a simplification of processes and provide increased value to all of those who make use of them.
  • Flexibility and the ability to adapt. We foster the development of new initiatives that facilitate the institution’s adaptation to the unexpected needs of society and its stakeholders via sustainable and innovative solutions.
  • Planning and focusing on results. We respond to changes in our environment, to the progression and development of the performance of our institution, and to the results of our performance, adjusting, anticipating, and planning our response to the current and future needs of our stakeholders.
  • Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. We understand entrepreneurship in an all-around way, as a way to approach life, of pushing forward new trends spurring creativity, offering new ideas, responding to problems, and integrating all of this into the comprehensive education provided to students.
  • Accountability and transparency. As a public institution, we care about and make an effort to provide information, across all organizational levels, on what we do, how we do it, what financing we use to do it, and the outcomes obtained.
  • Regard for diversity. We are a multicultural, inclusive university that values diversity, meets special educational needs, and respects and fosters the comparison of differing points of view and the integration of all persons, regardless of their race, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Commitment to raising social awareness about gender equality. Socially, we are point of reference when it comes to achieving effective equality among men and women by involving all persons and levels at the university.
  • Sustainable organization. In of our processes and activities we have the objective of achieving the best results, with the minimum resources, and the maximum satisfaction of personnel, with an eye on the sustainability of the institution and of all of its personnel.