Modern Facilities

State-of-the-art equipment, environmental respect and accessibility to the Jaén and Linares campuses.

Jorge Aguilera. Full Professor Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems. Degree in Industrial Engineering.

“The current university campus is fabulous and has nothing to do with the old School of Experts in which I started. We have very good teaching laboratories and, specifically, a research laboratory that is the best in Spain in photovoltaic technology. In fact everyone who visits the campus, whether student or professional, is amazed at the infrastructure”.

The University of Jaén has facilities that stand out for their modernity, equipment in latest technologies, environmental respect and accessibility, concentrated in the cities of Jaén and Linares.

The Las Lagunillas Campus of Jaén stands out for its proximity to the city and its good communication with the main access roads to the province. Here students can fully develop their academic life. In total it consists of 20 buildings, among which are the spaces dedicated to teaching, research, the library, sports facilities and the Domingo Savio Residence Hall.

The Las Lagunillas Campus has four general lecture areas, one with a specialized ICT wing; a building for teaching laboratories, and an area for postgraduate classrooms. The research area is mainly concentrated in three specialized buildings, where the Central Research Support Services are located. These include the Scientific-Technical Instrumentation Center and the Animal Production and Experimentation Center, which house large research facilities of general use, and another one where the great centres and research institutes are located. In addition, the campus has an area specialized in ICT. For their part, the faculties and schools have four main buildings with offices, meeting rooms, seminars and research laboratories.

All this is completed with the areas for management and services, to which are allocated two buildings which include a cafeteria, restaurant, exhibition areas and meeting and congress rooms. These are complemented with other more specific services such as a Psychology Consultancy, Equality Space with breastfeeding room, a bookstore, reprography area and other shops and businesses.

In addition, the facilities of UniRadio Jaén (the radio of the University of Jaén), the student associations and the theater classroom are concentrated in other spaces. Moreover, the Library offers its services both to the university community and to society in general with a clear commitment to electronic resources and a loan service for laptops and study rooms which during the Exams are open 24 hours a day.

Sports facilities in Jaén are made up of a sports pavilion with cardio, expression and bodybuilding rooms; a football/rugby field, and paddle and squash courts. Not forgetting the Aula Magna, with capacity for 672 people, destined for the celebration of academic acts and other great teaching and cultural activities, as well as one more area for performances located in the Plaza de los Pueblos, at the entrance to the university campus.

Furthermore, the University of Jaén has recovered the emblematic building of the old Teacher Training School located in the capital of Jaen. Here is located one of the headquarters of the Business “Incubator” of the UJA which, managed with the collaboration of the CADE, constitutes an avant-garde physical space in which graduates of the UJA with an entrepreneurial spirit enjoy all the necessary services for the process of creating a company, encouraging also the creation and consolidation of "spin-off" entrepreneurial activities. In addition to housing the Business Incubator this building is a cultural reference in Jaén and currently, in addition to serving as the headquarters of the Social Council, the University Senior Program, the Juan Moral Foundation and the University Cineclub, it has several exhibition spaces and a room for conferences, recitals, screenings, etc.

With regard to Linares, in 2015 it witnessed the start-up of the Scientific-Technological Campus, with the transfer to its facilities of the Higher Polytechnic School of Linares and the beginning of the academic activity with which the teaching and research activities at the UJA in Linares gain more strength.

The new campus, which has been jointly promoted by the University of Jaén, the Junta de Andalucía and the Linares City Council, grouped together in the Campus de Linares Foundation, is located to the southwest of Linares, bounded by the new ring road, Cinturón Sur, and to the north by the national highway N-322 and the future highway Linares-Albacete A-32. It is designed as a terraced park with a pedestrian character, growing and sustainable, with a set of buildings surrounded by expansive green rest areas. A complex where nature, study, academic formation and research complement each other. In this sense its different types of spaces are delimited in four large buildings: the Departmental Building, Laboratory Building (both teaching and research); the Lecture Building and the General Services Building, with library, study rooms and group work, management and administration areas, lecture hall, cafeteria and other service areas for the university community. These facilities also host a headquarters of the Business Incubator of the UJA.

Next to the Scientific-Technological Campus of Linares are the sports facilities of the University of Jaén, composed of a sports pavilion, paddle tennis courts and a gymnasium, offering their services for the practice of sports not only to the university community but to the whole of linarense society.

The implementation and development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to the different areas of university activity is a reality, making the University of Jaén an efficient and effective public administration. Students, teachers and administrative staff have a series of services that aim to facilitate the development of their functions.

For this an ICT account is used, which uniquely identifies each person and allows access to all identified electronic services: email, wireless network, Virtual Teaching platform, Virtual University, and so on.

The Virtual University portal is the point of access to personalized services. The student, with his profile, can consult marks or access the academic record, and the UJA staff can obtain information on payroll or administrative files, fiscal data, teaching services and so on.

With regard to teaching support, the use of ICT tools allows students and teachers to be in constant contact. Currently, the Virtual Teaching platform of the UJA has tools which incorporate teaching content, resources for student assessment and monitoring and communication tools (forums, chats, etc.), becoming an indispensable element of the usual academic activity with more than 22,000 users annually. These users include members of the university community, students from other parts of the world studying their own particular degrees and even researchers, teachers and professionals from other universities and companies who participate in projects and academic activities with the personnel of our university.

The computer rooms with free access are another form of technological support for teaching, to which a portable loan service is added. Despite the fact that most of the teaching activity takes place in person, the UJA offers degrees with mixed or fully virtual teaching, for which the teaching staff have the necessary infrastructures such as, for example, advanced teaching rooms with multi-conference facilities, video recording rooms and live broadcast services, among others.

In addition, in order to support and encourage collaborative work in all areas of the UJA various tools are offered such as institutional e-mail address, distribution lists and access to Google Apps Education tools, maintaining the corporate identity. Also, in an innovative way, the University of Jaén allows students to choose from various channels to receive official communications, including WhatsApp, Hangout, Telegram and e-mail.