A wide range of international mobility programs is offered for all countries of the world.

Teresa García Abril. Double Degree in Law and ADE (Business Management and Administration)

I have realized part of my studies outside the University of Jaén and I have developed the ability to adapt to other cultures and lifestyles and this will make it easier for me to adapt to any type of work in the future and also give me the facility to work with all kinds of people".

A Wide range of international mobility programs in all countries of the world.

According to its internationalization strategy, mobility is an essential element to the University of Jaén. But it is not the only one and we believe that it will not be the central element in the coming years. Therefore, we have turned to various internationalization policies that are based on elements such as "Internationalization at Home", the coexistence of local and global staff in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and in ongoing training and promotion of the use of foreign languages in everyday activity. Thus, we have opted for specific training programs for countries with an important demographic profile and educational background.

The UJA is very well positioned internationally, competing with traditionally very prestigious universities and provinces in the field of internationalization. In addition the valuation of foreign students is outstanding, with The University of Jaén in the top 5 ranking of the universities best valued by foreign students. The University of Jaén has signed around 810 agreements with universities in and outside of Europe.

One relevant novelty, although limited in terms of the numbers of students affected, is the call for Refugee Student Aid. Although there are several initiatives in gestation in several Spanish universities, the University of Jaén has become a pioneer in this integration of refugee students, especially those belonging to persecuted minorities.