Research initiation grants and predoctoral grants

  • Grants for predoctoral contracts for doctoral training (former FPI)

The National Training Subprogramme from the Ministry of Science and Innovation includes grants for predoctoral contracts for doctoral training (former FPIs): these are employment contracts in the form of a predoctoral contract, which are intended for researchers in training to carry out a PhD thesis linked to a research project funded by grants for R&D projects from the National Knowledge Generation Subprogramme or by grants for R&D&I ‘Research Challenges’ projects from the National Research, Development and Innovation Programme focusing on the challenges facing society. These grants are awarded for 4 years.

  • Grants for university teacher training (FPU)

The Ministry of Science and Innovation awards grants for university teacher training (FPU) to fund research training in doctoral programmes enabling candidates to obtain a PhD and acquire university teaching skills. These grants are also awarded for 4 years, but they are not linked to research projects. Instead, they are requested by the university or research centre. The application process is divided into two stages: in the first stage, candidates’ academic records are evaluated exclusively, while in the second stage, the qualifying candidates’ CVs and the track record of the host research group are evaluated.

Andalusia: the Andalusian Research Plan offers the following opportunities for hiring:

  • Predoctoral staff linked to research projects

Depending on the specific scheme, it may be possible to obtain a predoctoral contract linked to a project funded by the Andalusian Research Plan.

University of Jaén

These are not predoctoral grants per se as their purpose is to introduce undergraduate and masters students to research rather than to fund doctoral programmes.

The potential amount of the grant awards and the requirements for candidates may be consulted at:

These grants are intended to cover doctoral students’ costs as they prepare their PhD theses and are funded by the Vice-Rectorate for Research via the Research Support Plan. They are equivalent to FPU grants.

Candidates must have participated in previous calls for FPU grants. The characteristics of these grants can be found at:

Besides Action 5, other predoctoral grant schemes aimed at researchers who have demonstrated excellence (Action 8a, Predoctoral grants for excellent researchers) are included in Action 8. (Grants to encourage the hiring of excellent research staff at the University of Jaén).

To enable students to obtain a PhD with international mention, the Vice-Rectorate for Research offers grants to fund an international research stay via the Research Support Plan: