UJA brand

Marca UJA


This is a new brand designed exclusively for the University of Jaén in its commitment to combine in the same corporate image criteria of tradition and modernity. This version is the most functional and spontaneous translation to recognize and name University by its initials, leaving its limited use for communications of informative, digital, advertising or communication.

The brand UJA consist of the UJA's acronym and the brand's name "Universidad de Jaén", separated between each other through a dot , which represents the institution's commitment with the digital communication. This design follows the current graphic tends and aims to strengthen the new communication politics of the University of Jaén.

The proportional relationships between the different elements that shape the brand must remain as they are specified in this manual, being the Cabinet of Communicaiton and Institutional Projection the one in charge of the assessment as well as the conflict resolution in its traditional use and placemente for all of the situations that may require it.