Call for Erasmus+ KA103 Degree 2022/2023

Academic Year
Fecha de publicación
Place and time of presentation
22 december 2021 to 7 febrary 2022(both included)
Call Status

Target audience:

Students from the University of Jaén enrolled in undergraduate studies.


  • To be enrolled in official studies at the UJA in the 2021/22 academic year in order to apply for and obtain a place, and to enroll in the 2022/23 academic year in order to enjoy mobility and financial aid.
  • To have passed 30 credits in the degree for which a place is requested.
  • Be a national of an EC Member State or another state of the Erasmus+ Programme, or other countries and have a valid residence permit to reside in Spain during the mobility period.
  • Fulfill the requirements indicated in the annex.
  • Provide proof of the required language level.
  • Make a minimum stay of 3 months.
  • Not have exceeded the maximum duration of the Erasmus program (12 months per study cycle), and that it is not exceeded including the new period of mobility.
  • Not be a beneficiary of a non-ERASMUS international mobility placement for the same period of time.

Selection criteria:

Average grade of the academic record and command of the accredited language, if applicable.

Place and deadline for applications:

Register from 22 december 2021 to 7 febrary 2022(both included).

Acceptance of the place awarded:

Candidates who are assigned a place will have 5 working days to accept, wait for improvement or resign. If no action is taken, it will be considered withdrawn from the call.