Santander-UJA Grants for English/French/German Language Courses

Application Deadline CLOSED


Target group: teaching and research staff of the University of Jaén for an intensive course in English, French or German in a foreign institution.

Requirements: applicants must comply with the only requirement of belonging to the teaching and research staff (PDI) of the University of Jaén.

Selection criteria: the final score will be the sum of the evaluation of each of the following sections.

  • Not having been a beneficiary of the present program before.

  • Be registered in the PATIE program during the course.

  • Be an international mobility agreement coordinator.

  • Be in possession of an official certificate certifying knowledge of English, French or German.

Place and deadline for applications: Register by 29 March 2019.

Acceptance of the assigned place: Candidates who are assigned a place must sign the acceptance or resignation (with justification) of the grant at the Vice-Rector's Office for Internationalisation. In the case of claims, they will have 5 working days to present the claim.

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