Setting the ground for a multi-level approach on developing soft skills in Higher Education

Tipo de acción Strategic Partnerships for higher education
Título del proyecto Setting the ground for a multi-level approach on developing soft skills in Higher Education
Acrónimo Level Up
Referencia 2020-1-CY 01-KA203- 065985
Duración del proyecto 3 años
Fecha inicio 01-12-2020
Fecha final 30-09-2023
Institución coordinadora University Of Cyprus
Responsable UJA

Joaquín García López (ljgarcia [arroba] ujaen [punto] es)

953 213412

Instituciones participantes Universidad Técnica de Cluj Napoca, coordinadora (Rumanía), JAMK Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Jyväskylä (Finlandia), Universidad de Jaén (España), Integración Sensorial y Robótica (ISR) (España), Valmet Technologies Oyj (Finlandia) y Robert Bosch SRL (Rumania).
Presupuesto 308.095€
Presupuesto UJA 63.836€
Objetivos Higher Education Institutions as drivers for wider socio-economic change and innovation, host a significant proportion of the future workforce. Despite the satisfactory acquisition of theoretical knowledge and occupation-specific skills, graduates still lack of key competencies, such as transversal skills. The objective of the LEVEL UP project is (1) To provide new understanding on transversal skills, by bringing together the most up to date knowledge across different fields, and scientific disciplines (2) to develop innovative educational material and tools for transversal skills training (3) to integrate all the produced material in a pragmatic and applicable framework for transversal skills training, using a systems-based approach. Towards these objectives, we have assembled a transnational European network (University of Cyprus, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Jaén, University of Crete and Silversky3D) with expertise in skills training, research, development of multi-level models in educational system, and learning technologies.