Cloud Storage

The increasing accumulation of data, the proliferation of devices with low storage capacity and the need to access data from any point at any time have encouraged the development of external storage solutions.

CEATIC is conscious of this situation and supports its own cloud storage service as regards to centrally cover its storage needs, as well as to provide to its researchers different services of value for their work.

Each member of the CEATIC scientific committee has a 50GB user account in the centre's cloud storage service.

The cloud storage service offers three possibilities: FileStation, CloudStation and NoteStation.

File Station

File Station is a easy to use file management tool that allows users to upload, download and manage files and folders in the cloud. The stored files are private, but they can be easily shared with other users as well as generate public links that can be accessed by anybody, either through the URL or a QR code.

File Station has DS File, an iOS and Android application that allows access from a Smarphone.

Cloud Station

CloudStation is a multiplatform cloud file hosting service that allows users to store and sync files online between multiple devices. Its functioning is similar to many existing solutions on the market today such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

For the members of the CEATIC scientific committee, CloudStation offers a series of advantages over other tools:

  • Sharing documents with other members of the CEATIC scientific committee is quick and easy.
  • Cloud Station is integrated with File Station, it can be used to manage Cloud Station files if desired with the powerful File Station functionality.
  • Cloud Station allows full control of the files to be synchronized. It’s possible to select which folders to sync, filter certain files by extension, or set a maximum file size to sync on each of the computers where Cloud Station is being used.

Cloud Station has a DS Cloud, an iOS and Android application that allows to manage it with a Smartphone.

Note Station

Note Station is an online service for taking notes. Its functioning and interface is similar to Evernote, although without the limitations regarding space and allowed size of attachment files of this application. It allows to easily import Evernote notes into Note Station.

Among its most outstanding functions, it allows to share or collaborate on notes with other people, restore previous versions as well as encrypt the notes content.

Note Station has DS Note, an iOS and Android application that allows to use it from a Smartphone.