Projects management

Software project management

The center offers to its researchers the possibility of hosting their projects in GitLab CEATIC, a free fork of GitHub that allows to use Git as a version control system.


  • Public or private projects.
  • Management of pending tasks.
  • Document management integrated into each project (wiki).
  • Documentation in Markdown format.
  • Secure communications via HTTPS.

Task manager

The center offers to its researchers the possibility of managing projects through Redmine, a flexible project management web application that includes an issue tracking system with error tracking.

Redmine includes an activity calendar, Gantt charts for project timeline visualization, wiki, forum, repository browser and diff viewer, RSS, role based access control, email notifications, etc.


  • Supports multiple projects.
  • Flexible roles based on access control.
  • Flexible issues tracking system.
  • Gantt charts and calendar.
  • News, documents and archives management.
  • Web fonts and email notifications.
  • Integration with different version control systems (Subversion, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs).
  • Supports different databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite).
  • Plugins.