Inter-university doctoral studies in Languages and Cultures (UJA-UHU-UNEX-UCO)


Develop your research in the field of literature, philosophy and linguistic and literary theory under the supervision of leading research professors

This is an Interuniversity Programme, made up of the Universities of Huelva, Jaén, Extremadura and Córdoba, responsible for coordination. It covers the different fields of philology, with classical, Hispanic and English languages ​​and literature, as well as lines of research in the field of translation, philosophy and linguistic and literary theory.

Enroll in an Official PhD Program with a philological basis and broad perspectives as an element of empowerment of the humanities, languages ​​and culture as a motor of socio-economic revitalization in a geographical area in need of this impulse and with sufficient elements to find in cultural activity not only an identifying element, but also a way forward.

Also take advantage of the transversal and unique complementary training of the University of Jaén and all the activities aimed at improving your personal and professional projection that the UJA provides associated with this degree.

  • Respond to an implicit and explicit demand for PhDs in different fields of the Humanities, as an indicator of the cultural level of society, as a response to professional needs and as positive elements in a transversal, multidisciplinary and systemic environment.
  • Promote training in theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competencies, related to philology in different languages ​​and its applied nature (translation, learning and teaching, editing...), with attention to their literary and thought discourses.
  • Unite human and material resources from different departments and institutions, increasing their efficiency and enhancing their synergies, to advance in the most relevant technical and scientific aspects in these area.
  • Take advantage of the experience of numerous groups of teachers and researchers in the training of PhDs to advance in the construction of the new European Spaces for Education and Research and, very particularly, in relation to third cycle training.
  • Enable the establishment of collaborative relationships with the different postgraduate training initiatives inside and outside Spain, promoting networking and mobility, to generate a quality program, attractive to national and foreign doctoral students.
  • Promote the integration of the training and research periods and the carrying out of research work leading to the completion of the doctoral thesis and improve the percentages of enrolled students and defended doctoral theses.

In the monography of the title you can consult the complete list of academic competences accredited by the PhD in Languages ​​and Cultures by the UJA, UHU, UNEX and UCO.

The ideal applicant profile is people like you, who are interested in developing research in literature, phylosopy, linguistic theory and literary theory and willing to take advantage of the opportunities offered in these fields. Applicants should be motivated for making new discoveries through research, and have the capacity for critical thinking, comprehension, interpretation and application of research results, as well as basic skills in computer tools and English language.

General access requirements for Doctoral Programmes at the University of Jaen

In general, access to an official doctoral programme is available to persons in possession of a Spanish official bachelor's degree, or equivalent, and a university master's degree.

Access is also available to persons who meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Being in possession of an official Spanish university qualification, or one of another member country of the European Higher Education Area, which qualifies them for access to a master's degree in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of October 29, and having obtained a minimum of 300 ECTS credits in all official university studies, of which at least 60 must be at master's level.
  2. Being in possession of an official Spanish degree whose duration, according to the rules of Community law, is at least 300 ECTS credits. These graduates must attend the mandatory bridging courses referred to in Article 7.2 of these regulations, unless the curriculum of said degree includes research training credits equivalent in educational value to the research credits obtained in master’s degree courses.
  3. Being in possession of a university degree and, after obtaining a training place in the entrance test to specialized medical training, having obtained a positive evaluation in at least two years of training in a programme to obtain an official degree in one of the Health Science specialties.
  4. Being in possession of a degree obtained under a foreign education system, without need for official recognition, after the University has verified that said degree accredits a level of education equivalent to the Spanish official master´s degree and allows admission to doctoral studies in the country issuing the qualification. In no case shall this admission imply the official recognition of the original qualification held by the individual or its recognition for purposes other than access to doctoral studies. Regardless of this, the doctoral degree obtained will be officially valid in Spain.
  5. Being in possession of a Bachelor, Architect or Engineer degree and also having achieved the Diploma de Estudios Avanzados in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 778/1998, of April 30, or the research proficiency stipulated in the Royal Decree 185/1985, of January 23.
  6. Being in possession of another Spanish doctoral degree obtained under earlier university regulations.

Specific access requirements for Doctoral Studies on Languages and Cultures

The recommended access profile is that of graduates and graduates in degrees in the area of Philology and Philosophy, but also in History, Art (Art and Humanities in general), Communication, Sociology and Education, without excluding candidates from other degrees related, if your specific profile is approved by the Academic Commission.

The applicants trained in the following master's degrees will have an ideal access profile: Master's degrees in Texts, Documents and Cultural Intervention, in English for professional qualification and in Specialized Translation (UCO), Master's Degree in Research in Art and Humanities (UNEX), Master's Degree in European Literature and Language Teaching (UHU) and Master's Degrees in Higher Studies in Philology and Classical Tradition, in Linguistics applied to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and Linguistics applied to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (UJA).

Training supplements

For applicants who have not completed a master's degree with a full research profile or in subjects that do not complete the necessary training in contents and skills for the preparation of the doctoral thesis, the Academic Commission may establish an individual training plan (in accordance with the regulations approved in the different Universities of the Program), determining the necessary additional training. In general, said supplements will be acquired by taking the established number of credits, among the subjects from the master's degrees offered by the Universities participating in the Programme, preferably at the University where the researcher is going to receive his/her degree. The planning and assessment of the activity will follow the provisions of the programme of the master's degree in question (or of the master's degrees, if applicable), as well as the scales or sets of standards established by the participating Universities.

Admission criteria

The Academic Commission will study the applications and will establish a priority, by line of research and location, of the candidates based on the following criteria: 1) academic record in Bachelor's and Master's degrees 2) other qualifications 3) complementary training 4) research and teaching merits 5) connection through scholarship or contract with one University participant in the Program 6) interest of the thesis topic 7) commitment of the student to the program, valuing the presentation of endorsement from a professor willing to assume his work plan. Each of these sections will be valued up to a total of 5 points. The Academic Commission will prepare, approve and make public a detailed scale (including the publicity procedure and claim deadlines), which will be applied to each application.

Applicants may access academic supervision in the established order, until completing the places offered in each call.

Students may enroll in doctoral studies at full dedication, or part-time if duly justified. The maximum period of permanence in PhD studies will be 3 years full-time or 5 years part-time. Students may ask for an ordinary extension for one year if enrolled full-time or two years if enrolled part-time. After this, all students may ask for an extraordinary extension period of one year. Applications for the extensions provided for in current legislation are to be duly reasoned and will be resolved by the Academic Committee for the PhD programme. Students may also apply for a temporary leave for a maximum period of one year, and extendible to one further year. Students may be excluded from the programme if they do not renew enrolments or if they obtain two negative overall assessments consecutively in the training and research activities in which they are enrolled for that year.

Students with special needs may visit the University Special Education Needs Service. You may get more information on general issues related to doctoral studies at the University Academic Service and the Doctoral School.

According to the rules for enrolment of the University of Jaen, application for doctoral studies is open during the complete year. Application and enrolment in doctoral studies can be done through the University Servicio de Gestión Académica.

There are four periods for application and registration during the year. Places not covered in one period will be added to next period´s offer.

School Year 2023/2024

  • First cohort (application open until September 30, 2023; admission and registration during October, 2023)
    • Nº of places offered: 15
  • Second cohort (application open until January 31, 2024; admission and registration during February, 2024)
    • Nº of places offered: 0
  • Third cohort (application open until May 31, 2024; admission and registration during June, 2024)
    • Nº of places offered: 0

Send us your application, and you will receive a personalized response in due time.

Yearly demand for places

If you are willing to apply for grants, please check the University International Relations website.

Academic Information

This doctoral programme is based on research lines carried out by teaching and research staff that will be in charge of supervising your research work. The mentor (who may also be your supervisor or a different member of the PhD programme) will guide you through the training activities of the programme.

While the mentor must belong to the university´s permanent staff that participates in the doctoral programme, the thesis supervision can be assigned to any person participating in the programme who is in possession of a PhD degree and has a qualified research experience, either from inside or from outside of the university.

  1. Spanish Language and Linguistics

  2. Studies in Spanish Literature

  3. Studies in English Literature

  4. English Literatures

  5. Ancient Greek-Latin Studies

  6. Humanism and Classical Tradition

  7. Translation, Cultures and Language Teaching

  8. Discourse Theory and Practice

Research topic: Ancient Greek-Latin Studies

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Estudios Clásicos Grecolatinos
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Rodríguez-Pantoja Márquez, Miguel 0000-0002-6115-4412 UCO
Laguna Mariscal, Gabriel 0000-0001-5554-3473 UCO
Mellado Rodríguez, Joaquin 0000-0003-0184-5892 UCO
Muñoz Gallarte, Israel 0000-0002-6916-6004 UCO
Romero González, Dámaris 0000-0001-6234-9687 UCO
Ramírez de Verger, Antonio 0000-0001-9803-3393 UHU
Rivero García, Luis 0000-0001-7140-2072 UHU
Fernández Garrido, Mª Regla 0000-0002-0309-6306 UHU
Navarro Antolín, Fernando 0000-0003-4136-898X UHU
Estévez Sola, Juan Antonio UHU
Sanz Morales, Manuel UNEX
Ureña Bracero, Jesús 0000-0002-8433-7254 UNEX

Research topic: Studies in English Literature

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Estudios lingüísticos ingleses
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Portero Muñoz, Mª Carmen 0000-0001-9977-0627 UCO
Blanco Carrión, Olga 0000-0002-7121-9988 UCO
Fernández Sánchez, Eulalio 0000-0001-6447-4422 UCO
Guerrero Medina, Mª del Pilar 0000-0003-0552-7349 UCO
Pavon Vázquez, Victor Manuel 0000-0003-3063-1746 UCO
Fonseca Mora, Mª Carmen 0000-0002-2404-3553 UHU
Carrillo Linares, María José 0000-0002-5470-9598 UHU
Rodríguez Arrizabalaga, Beatriz 0000-0002-7430-3317 UHU
Díaz Pérez, Francisco Javiez 0000-0001-6772-0852 UJA
Nieto García, Jesús Manuel 0000-0002-3913-5354 UJA
MacArthur Purdon, Fiona UNEX
Alejo González, Rafael 0000-0002-6140-9104 UNEX
Oncins Martínez, José Luis UNEX
Amador Moreno, Carolina Pilar 0000-0002-7411-1876 UNEX
Barcelona Sánchez, Antonio 0000-0001-8157-1566 UCO
Piquer Píriz, Ana Mª 0000-0001-8066-8171 UNEX

Research topic: Studies in Spanish Literature

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Estudios Literarios Hispanicos
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Ruiz Pérez, Pedro 0000-0002-1950-9136 UCO
Bonilla Cerezo, Rafael 0000-0002-2851-0630 UCO
Estévez Molinero, Ángel 0000-0003-3084-248X UCO
García Aguilar, Ignacio 0000-0003-2894-9798 UCO
Roses Lozano, Joaquín 0000-0001-5199-7769 UCO
Alarcón Sierra, Rafael 0000-0002-3884-5039 UJA
Castillo Martínez, Cristina 0000-0003-4002-2565 UJA
Martín Romero, José Julio 0000-0001-9568-3470 UJA
Mañero Lozano, David 0000-0002-6048-9165 UJA
González Ramírez, David 0000-0001-5244-4883 UJA
Torres Corominas, Eduardo 0000-0003-2303-3457 UJA
Martínez Torrón, Diego 0000-0001-5673-2321 UCO
Gómez Canseco, Luis 0000-0002-6699-3813 UHU
Núñez Rivera, Valentín 0000-0001-6498-8415 UHU
Fernández, Sergio 0000-0003-2799-5848 UHU
García Gutiérrez, Rosa 0000-0002-3058-7901 UHU
Cañas Murillo, Jesús 0000-0001-5636-408X UNEX
Bernal Salgado, José Luis 0000-0002-4135-4206 UNEX
Teijeiro Fuentes, Miguel Ángel UNEX
Lama Hernández, Miguel Ángel 0000-0002-8058-1516 UNEX
Roso Díaz, José 0000-0003-2525-1562 UNEX
Grande Quejigo, Francisco Javier UNEX
Román Román, Isabel UNEX
Muñoz Sánchez, Juan Ramón 0000-0002-4046-3865 UJA

Research topic: Humanism and Classical Tradition

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Humanismo y Tradición Clásica
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Solana Pujalte, Julián 0000-0002-5391-3765 UCO
Manchón Gómez, Raúl 0000-0002-9763-2308 UJA
Iglesias Zoido, Juan Carlos 0000-0003-0229-675X UNEX
Sánchez Salor, Eustaquio UNEX
Chaparro Gómez, César UNEX
Merino Jerez, Luis 0000-0002-6128-871X UNEX
López Moreda, Santiago 0000-0002-1221-4124 UNEX
Mañas Núñez, Manuel UNEX
Villalba Álvarez, Joaquín 0000-0001-5048-2704 UNEX
Harto Trujillo, Mª Luisa 0000-0001-6807-0230 UNEX
Galán Sánchez, Pedro Juan 0000-0003-2295-5919 UNEX
Cappelli, Guido Maria 0000-0002-5397-7355 UNEX

Research topic: Spanish Language and Linguistics

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Lenguas Española y Lingüística
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Zamorano Aguilar, Alfonso 0000-0002-1565-5419 UCO
Gómez Solis, Felipe 0000-0002-6936-1555 UCO
López Quero, Salvador 0000-0003-4133-5512 UCO
Luque Nadal, Lucía 0000-0001-8736-7945 UCO
Salazar, Ventura 0000-0002-9988-0647 UJA
Felíu Arquiola, Elena 0000-0002-3711-041X UJA
Fernández García, Francisco 0000-0002-8102-1617 UJA
Conti Jiménez, Carmen 0000-0003-3075-3575 UJA
Roldán Vendrell, Mercedes 0000-0001-6628-5887 UJA
Moreno Moreno, Mª Águeda 0000-0001-6708-9060 UJA
Galán Rodríguez, Carmen 0000-0002-9621-4390 UNEX
Salvador Plans, Antonio UNEX
Rodríguez Ponce, María Isabel 0000-0003-3723-1892 UNEX
Montero Curiel, Pilar 0000-0001-5683-8038 UNEX
Martín Camacho, José Carlos 0000-0001-5906-5958 UNEX
Torres Martínez, Marta 0000-0002-7766-2315 UJA
Pla Colomer, Francisco Pedro 0000-0001-7121-8910 UJA
Contreras Izquierdo, Narciso 0000-0001-8461-9844 UJA

Research topic: Studies in English Literature

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Literatura en Lengua Inglesa
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Sánchez Calle, Pilar 0000-0002-4566-5300 UJA
Luis Rodríguez, Zenón 0000-0001-5228-7822 UHU
Cuder Domínguez, Pilar 0000-0002-7713-9225 UHU
Villegas López, Sonia 0000-0002-9527-800X UHU
Losada Friend, María 0000-0002-5132-3796 UHU
Simons Wilson, Jefferey M. 0000-0002-3074-3273 UHU
Gallego Durán, Mar 0000-0001-5518-7667 UHU
Jiménez Heffernan, Julián 0000-0002-1023-8843 UCO
Martín Salván, Paula 0000-0001-9227-6757 UCO
Navarro Tejero, Antonia 0000-0001-9170-3470 UCO
Torralbo Caballero, Juan de Dios 0000-0003-3820-9638 UCO
Gámez Fernández, Cristina María 0000-0002-9990-2260 UCO
Olivares Merino, Julio Ángel 0000-0002-7850-2938 UJA
Ráez Padilla, Juan 0000-0002-7102-5497 UJA
Demetriou, Eroulla 0000-0003-1287-9457 UJA
López-Peláez Casellas, Jesús 0000-0002-9991-7876 UJA
García Ramírez, Paola 0000-0002-4753-2982 UJA
Olivares Merino, Eugenio Manuel 0000-0002-9260-5132 UJA
Sánchez Calle, Pilar 0000-0002-4566-5300 UJA
Zunino Garrido, Cinta 0000-0002-7008-3329 UJA
Valverde Jiménez, Beatriz 0000-0003-1918-4447 UJA

Research topic: Discourse Theory and Practice

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Teoría y Prácticas de los Discursos
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Román Alcalá, Ramón 0000-0002-0305-4421 UCO
Arroyo Arrayás, Luis Miguel 0000-0001-6190-7982 UHU
Bermúdez Vázquez, Manuel 0000-0001-6117-2138 UCO
Blanco Valdés, Carmen Fátima 0000-0001-6335-0153 UCO
Cantón Alonso, José Luis 0000-0002-0426-7189 UCO
Cejudo Córdoba, Rafael 0000-0003-1184-6258 UCO
Fernández Prieto, Mª Celia 0000-0002-3829-3019 UCO
Garosi, Linda 0000-0002-8855-3712 UCO
Hermosilla Álvarez, Mª Ángeles 0000-0003-4866-1345 UCO
Racionero Siles, Flora 0000-0002-0151-3487 UCO
Rodríguez Mesa, Francisco José 0000-0002-7411-6669 UCO
Rosal Nadales, María 0000-0002-6053-910X UCO
Sainz Martín, Aureliano 0000-0002-1938-7909 UCO
Zambrano Carballo, Pablo 0000-0001-5728-1753 UHU
Márquez Guerrero, Miguel Ángel UHU
Pineda González, Mª Victoria 0000-0001-7214-9910 UNEX
Montes Doncel, Rosa Eugenia UNEX
López Martínez, Mª Isabel 0000-0002-1739-0573 UNEX
Pulido Tirado, Genara 0000-0002-4579-4698 UJA
Merino García, Mª Manuela 0000-0003-3307-0884 UJA

Research topic: Translation, Cultures and Language Teaching

Profesorado de la línea de investigación Traducción, Culturas y Enseñanza de Lenguas
Name ORCID code Affiliation
Monferrer Sala, Juan Pedro 0000-0001-9979-1890 UCO
Álvarez Jurado, Manuela 0000-0003-3243-7672 UCO
Balbuena Torezano, Mª Carmen 0000-0002-2305-9596 UCO
García Calderón, Ángeles 0000-0002-7127-9147 UCO
García Peinado, Miguel Ángel 0000-0002-9641-5205 UCO
Mantas España, Pedro María 0000-0002-0689-4311 UCO
Rivas Carmona, Mª Mar 0000-0001-6298-842X UCO
Díaz Alarcón, Soledad 0000-0002-8733-6396 UCO
Vidal Castro, Francisco 0000-0002-3691-0896 UJA
Luque Agulló, Gloria 0000-0003-1237-1549 UJA
Méndez García, Mª Carmen 0000-0001-9414-2699 UJA
Bueno González, Antonio 0000-0002-3079-5380 UJA
Pérez Cañado, Mª Luisa 0000-0002-4337-696X UJA
Ortega Cebreros, Ana 0000-0002-1945-1448 UJA
Casas Pedrosa, Antonio Vicente 0000-0003-0899-2983 UJA
Fonseca Mora, Mª Carmen UHU
Rubio Alcalá, Fernando UHU
Rodríguez Gijón, Mónica UHU
Sueza Espejo, María José 0000-0001-5991-3291 UJA
Jiménez Serrano, Alejandro 0000-0002-8700-114X
Díez Bedmar, María Belén 0000-0001-9250-2224 UJA

During the course of your PhD thesis, you will be asked to take a set of training activities aimed at achieving the main competences that every PhD from the University of Jaen must develop by the end of doctoral studies:

Compulsory training activities

  • General: Framework of doctoral studies.
  • General: Framework of scientific research. Research policies.
  • General: Design and follow-up of research projects.
  • General: Knowledge transfer.
  • General: Dissemination of research results.
  • General: Employment and researcher career.
  • Specific: Relevant contribution from the PhD thesis.

In addition, the student may also get enrolled in other training activities (most of which are programme-specific), aimed at acquisition of specific competences of this doctoral programme.

Optional training activities:

  • General: Doctoral seminars.
  • Specific: Active participation in seminars, conferences, symposia, courses and workshops.
  • Specific: Short-term visit (minimum three months) to a foreign research institution (compulsory for students willing to achieve the International mention in their PhD degree).

You may check the calendar of training activities.

You can get more detailed information on the procedures for registration for the different activities and available grants.

All general training activities are in Spanish. Some specific training activities may be in English.

PhD students must pass a yearly evaluation of their activities. This includes general compulsory activities of doctoral studies and specific optional activities offered by the programme. After enrolment, you will receive a link for completion of your Student´s record of training activitiesand Research plan.

Each year, students must present proof of participation in at least two training activities. Nonetheless, the Academic commission may issue a positive evaluation for students with only one activity if this is duly justified.

The studies are duly completed with the presentation of the PhD thesis and the student´s public dissertation.

After completion of the Research Plan and Training activities, students may proceed to the public defense of their PhD thesis once the thesis has received initial approval from the PhD thesis supervisor(s) and the Academic Committee of the PhD programme as well as final approval from the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School. In order to receive this approval, the thesis must have achieved a relevant contribution signed by the PhD student as first author. The adequacy of the contribution will be determined according to the criteria established by the Comisión Nacional Evaluadora de la Actividad Investigadora (CNEAI) for the main areas of research and knowledge.

At the time of finishing your thesis you may need to check the rules that apply for writing the thesis in a foreign language and for the deposit and thesis defense.

Broadening your experience in other universities now becomes essential in a scenario where information, enterprise and society are globalized. Short-term visits (of at least 3 months) to a foreing institution allow doctoral students to achieve the International mention in their diploma. In addition, the option of JointSupervision allows you to achieve a PhD degree issued simultaneously by University of Jaen and by a foreign university. Under this modality of study, you will be assigned a thesis supervisor in each of the participating universities under the conditions laid down in the corresponding cotutele agreement.

PhD students may also spend part or most of their training period in a company. The mention of Industrial Doctorate can be obtained provided that the topic of the thesis is embedded in the research strategy of a company to which the doctoral student is bound by a contractual agreement.

There are different types of mobility grants for doctoral students, including FPI (MINECO), FPU (MECD), individual PAIDI grants or Plan de Apoyo a la Investigación, Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación from Jaen University. Sudents may also apply for grants from Campus de Excelencia Internacional, Erasmus mobility grants, and grants offered by the Doctoral School of Jaen University.

Complementary Study Programs

The University of Jaén is committed to an integral training of its students. On this page you will find complementary training activities that will allow you to configure a comprehensive curriculum that favors your employability and your professional and personal development. Check this page regularly because the information is continuously updated.

There are no programs of complementary studies that match the specified filter criteria.

Career Guidance

Internship Training in Companies

The University of Jaen is aware that internships in companies can be essential to your professional career. For that reason, it offers a range of options for you to get enrolled in extracurricular internships, including the University programmes for entrepreneurial activities and Icaro programme. The calls from University of Jaen´s Plan de Apoyo a la Transferencia del Conocimiento, el Emprendimiento y la Empleabilidad may offer you multiple options to facilitate your incorporation to the world of work.

Career Prospects

  • Teaching and/or advanced research in linguistic-philological disciplines within the scope of universities, research agencies (such as the CSIC) or similar.
  • Oral or written translation (interpretation) in contexts with the highest level of responsibility.
  • Taching and/or management activity in language centers that require highly qualified professionals, such as the Instituto Cervantes or similar.
  • Production work and editorial management in the linguistic-philological field: edition of specialized monographs, design and production of teaching materials for language teaching (in multimedia format), preparation of dictionaries of various kinds, etc.

Coordination and Quality

The academic coordination commission is the collegiate body in charge of direction and academic management of the title. It interacts directly with the students and is in charge of programming the academic activities offered to the students, preparing the calendar, as well as other academic aspects necessary for an optimal development of the title. It will also be in charge of introducing the modifications included in the improvement process proposed by the title´s Quality Assurance System.

Composition: web page of the title

The Internal Quality Assurance Commission of the Doctoral programme performs the function of promoting and facilitating the continued improvement of the different activities (teaching, research, transfer of results, administrative issues) concerning the title. It also analyses the academic results and the level of satisfaction the title and prepares the improvement plan that the Academic commission will then put in practice.


  • Presidente, representante del PDI en la sede de la UHU: José Manuel Rico García (TU, UHU)
  • Secretario, representante del PDI en la sede de la UCO: Víctor Pavón Vázquez (UCO). Secretario
  • Vocal, representante del PDI en la sede de la UJA y enlace con la CAPD: Elena Felíu Arquiola (CU, UJA)
  • Vocal, representante del PDI en la sede de la UEX: Antonio Salvador Plans (CU, UEX)
  • Vocal, representante del sector del alumnado: María Vera Reyes (UHU)
  • Vocal, representante del sector del PAS: José López Martínez (UJA)

The quality assurance system of Jaen University has a two-tiered structure of responsibility. On one side, the corresponding Vice-Rectorate coordinates the quality evaluation process for the different titles, departments and university services and, on the other, the Academic Centre in charge of the title, which applies its Quality Assurance System. You may check the Internal Quality Assurance System of this doctoral programme at the website of the coordinating institution.

All official titles given by Jaen University undergo different evaluation processes by the Dirección de Evaluación y Acreditación (DEVA) of the Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento. The different evaluation reports of this title (verification, modification, follow-up and renewal of accreditation) are available through the following link: informes de evaluación de títulos de la DEVA.

The relevant information for this title concerning number of new enrolments, academic results and student´s level of satisfaction with the title is available at the university statistical yearbook (anuario estadístico de la Universidad de Jaén) under the headings “Estudiantes” and “Satisfacción de los grupos de interés”.

You may also check the dropout rates (informes de abandono) for the titles given by Jaen University.

Employability is one of the most important elements of the quality of the title. You can take a look at the report on employability for the different titles at Jaen University (estudios sobre la inserción laboral de los titulados) where you will find the most common professional careers of people who took this doctorate before you.