Master’s degree in IT Security


The Master’s degree in IT Security at UJA will train you to protect IT systems and company networks

The Master’s degree in IT Security at the University of Jaén is an official postgraduate programme that goes some way to meeting the high demand from national and international markets for IT security professionals who are able to protect companies’ IT systems and networks from the numerous threats that they face on a daily basis.

Comprising 60 ECTS credits and delivered in a blended format, the programme is suitable for both students and IT professionals.

The overall aim is to provide training in the main techniques for protecting every part of an IT system (operating systems, networks, application software, web systems, industrial systems, etc.) from attacks and threats, covering aspects of cybersecurity such as: attacks and threats on operating systems (analysis of vulnerabilities and malware, common attack techniques), networks and application software, web systems, ethical hacking, legislation on protecting computing assets and IT systems, analysis of legal risks, specialised hardware platforms, forensic analysis, and proactive and reactive decision-making in response to potential breaches of cybersecurity.

You can also take advantage of the University of Jaén's unique cross-disciplinary training programme and the range of activities offered in connection with this master’s programme to improve your personal development and professional prospects.

Double master’s programmes

The Master’s degree in IT Security is also available as a double degree in conjunction with the Master’s degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Jaén

Criteria & specific procedure for termination of study programmes (PC15 Termination of study programme)

Introduction and general characteristics

Pre-enrolment and allocation of places will be carried out in a centralised manner by the Andalusian Single District Commission. Up-to-date deadlines and procedures can be found on their website.

This link contains specific information from UJA about pre-enrolment and enrolment procedures, deadlines, fees, etc.

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Academic Information

Here you will find key information and links allowing you to find out more about your master’s programme, summarising and supplementing the description provided in the summary of the master’s programme, which contains additional information.


- Possess and understand knowledge providing a foundation or opportunity to develop and/or apply ideas in an original manner, particularly in research contexts

- Apply the knowledge acquired and develop an ability to solve problems in new or unfamiliar settings within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to the area of study

- Integrate knowledge and tackle complex judgements on the basis of information which may be incomplete or limited, including reflections on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of this knowledge and judgements

- Communicate conclusions and knowledge and the underlying reasons informing them to expert and non-expert audiences clearly and unambiguously

- Self-directed or independent study


- Understand and use Information and Communications Technology in the context of IT security

- Understand and apply local, regional, national and international rules and regulations on IT security

- Understand and be able to apply basic research tools in the field of IT security

- Understand, analyse and evaluate theories, results and developments in IT security in the relevant language, as well as in the mother tongue


- Understand, respect and promote human rights, fundamental rights, culture of peace and democracy, basic mechanisms for citizen participation, environmental sustainability and responsible consumption

- Understand and apply the policies and practices of support for disadvantaged social groups and incorporate the principles of gender equality and universal accessibility and design into their field of study

- Know and apply tools for the active pursuit of employment and the development of entrepreneurial projects

- Develop an aptitude for cooperative work, team work and negotiation and adopt the values of cooperation, hard work, respect and commitment to quality as an inherent part of their identity

- Analyse, critically reason, think creatively and evaluate their own learning process, discussing their own and others’ ideas assertively and in a structured manner


- Know and apply the specific rules, regulations and certifications relating to IT security

- Understand, apply and oversee advanced techniques and tools in intrusion detection systems (IDS)

- Understand and use resources and modules to correctly recognise and control digital identity

- Understand, apply and manage advanced IT security protocols

- Understand and apply advanced cryptography algorithms, techniques and tools

- Be able to apply security techniques and methods to computer networks

- Understand and apply aspects relating to secure cloud applications

- Be aware of vulnerable elements in software development and learn to develop software securely to correct these

- Know, apply and oversee IT security techniques in industrial control devices

- Be able to apply reverse engineering techniques and algorithms to the source code for applications relating to IT security

- Be aware of the procedures and techniques for correctly auditing source code

- Incorporate technologies, applications, services and systems relating to IT security in corporate environments, multidisciplinary contexts and general contexts

- Complete and defend an engineering project or research study in the field of IT security

El Suplemento Europeo al Título es el documento que acompaña al título universitario de carácter oficial y validez en todo el territorio nacional con la información unificada, personalizada para cada titulado universitario, sobre los estudios cursados, los resultados obtenidos, las capacidades profesionales adquiridas y el nivel de su titulación en el sistema nacional de educación superior.

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Complementary Study Programs

The University of Jaén is committed to an integral training of its students. On this page you will find complementary training activities that will allow you to configure a comprehensive curriculum that favors your employability and your professional and personal development. Check this page regularly because the information is continuously updated.

There are no programs of complementary studies that match the specified filter criteria.

Career Guidance

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Coordination and Quality

Todos los títulos oficiales de la Universidad de Jaén están sujetos a distintos procesos de evaluación realizados desde la Dirección de Evaluación y Acreditación (DEVA) de la Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento. Para acceder a los informes de evaluación de esta titulación relacionados con la verificación, modificación, seguimiento y renovación de la acreditación, selecciónalo en la aplicación de informes de evaluación de títulos de la DEVA.

En las secciones “Estudiantes” y “Satisfacción de los grupos de interés” del anuario estadístico de la Universidad de Jaén podrás encontrar información relevante para tu titulación como el número de estudiantes de nuevo ingreso, los resultados académicos o el grado de satisfacción del alumnado con tu titulación.

También puede interesarte consultar los informes de abandono en las titulaciones de la Universidad de Jaén.

Un elemento importante en el análisis de la calidad del título son los estudios sobre la inserción laboral de los titulados de la Universidad de Jaén, en los que podrás encontrar las salidas profesionales más habituales de las personas que cursaron este máster antes que tú.

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