Mentoring and careers guidance

The overall aim of the Mentoring Programme is to encourage professional development among UJA research staff by enhancing the international reach and impact of their research activity, improving employment opportunities and boosting the success of entrepreneurial ventures among former PhD students at UJA. This overall aim is divided into three specific objectives:

  1. To boost international, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral activity among our junior research staff, giving them opportunities to develop new skills and competences, enriching their previous experience and promoting their future professional careers;

  2. To build strengths and skills to improve our position in European and international research contexts, establishing cross-sectoral and international collaboration networks to boost the potential of mentored staff beyond UJA;

  3. To facilitate relationships that encourage researchers to reflect on their own skills and competences, and on their career opportunities both within and beyond UJA.

More detailed information about the objectives of the Mentoring Programme can be found in the following document:

University of Jaén Mentoring Programme

If you want to participate as a mentor, send us your request, through the following form:

Application for registration as a Mentor in the UJA Mentoring Program

Careers guidance

The University of Jaén offers you specialized technical advice on professional guidance for job search. The purpose of this service is to promote strategies that increase your chances of socio-labour insertion and advise you on your way to joining the labor market and your permanence in it.

Through the orientation itinerary that we propose, we seek to enable the development of your skills, which will allow you to make decisions for the design and planning of your professional career.

With this service, the University of Jaén pursues the following objectives:

  • Facilitate access to information on work and training alternatives through reliable sources and agents.
  • Develop skills for personal decision-making in the labor market.

  • Systematize processes for job search.

  • Offer support and advice during the job search process.

  • Promote updating and ongoing training to stay in the job market.

Employment training

As part of its Practical Employability Training Plan, the University of Jaén offers students and graduates a series of additional training activities throughout the academic year. Some of these activities will be subject to a call for applications. These activities are voluntary and extracurricular, including activities organised by the university and others run by public and private organisations partnering with the University of Jaén.


We offer a range of valuable resources, such as CV templates, advice for job interviews, job hunting tips, etc.

Employment opportunities

The University of Jaén aims to support students and graduates as they transition from education to professional life by providing specialist careers guidance via the Guidance Unit run by the Andalusian Employment Service at the Andalusian Regional Government.

International mobility is becoming increasingly important for employability, so we have grouped all the information relating to this topic in a specific section.

Finally, we publish any job offers received by the University of Jaén from different sources for students to consult.

Hiring incentives

This initiative aims to help students obtain their first job after graduating and plays a key role in increasing hiring rates for graduates in the province. It aims to address one of the main issues facing Jaén by increasing employment rates among our graduates and providing incentives for companies to hire them. These incentives help ensure that graduates obtain experience in positions relevant to their studies, as well as providing highly qualified staff for companies. The work carried out by students must be related to their academic background.

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