II Ada Lovelace Adwards 2015-2016


This section presents the 2nd Ada Lovelace Awards, which were presented in 2015/2016. The awards were aimed at university students in three disciplines: Bachelor's and Master's degree final projects, initiation to research and application development.

The winners and finalists are described below, along with their winning work.

In Modality I 'Best Final Degree or Master's Thesis', the winner was Mr. Adrián Garrote Núñez , for his work entitled 'Basic Functions for Automatic Language Recognition in

cation of Sign Language Using Leap Motion' . Finalists were Mr. Agustín Serrano Jiménez , for his work entitled 'Desarrollo de una Aplicación para Comunicaciones con Módulo 3G/GPRS en Waspmote Libelium' (Development of an Application for Communications with 3G/GPRS Module in Waspmote Libelium) and Ms. Flor Miriam Plaza del Arco , for her work entitled 'Análisis de Opiniones de Pacientes en la Web 2.0' (Analysis of Patient Opinions on Web 2.0).

In Modality II 'Best software or hardware application', the winner was Mr. Daniel Zafra Romero, for his application 'System for the Monitoring of Intelligent Environments through the Management and Access to Services'. Finalists were Mr. José Negrillo Cárdenas, for his application 'José's Legend' and Mr. David Miguel Poyatos Reina, with his proposal 'Wortal'.

Finally, in Modality III 'Best work of initiation to research', the winners were Ms. Salud María Jiménez Zafra , for her work 'New Challenges in Opinion Mining' and Mr. Félix Paulano Godino , for his work 'Advances in Identification of Fractured Bone Zones and Virtual Fracture Reduction'.

The awards bear the name 'Ada Lovelace' in recognition of this British aristocrat, considered to be the first person to create a computer programme.